Trezor integration with Oasis?

Will Oasis have an option to be integrated with the Trezor? I am not a fan of using Metamask and would like to see my hardware wallet be usable directly with Oasis.


Metamask supports Trezor. You should be able to use Trezor with Oasis via MetaMask.

I have tried and for some reason it will not let me change over to my Trezor account. I worked on it for a couple hours today and had zero luck. Every time I go to the Oasis site and click “Connect with Metamask” it pops up asking me to enter my password. Below is the list of how I have been trying to access Oasis with my Trezor and Metamask.

I log into my Metamask and switch over to my Trezor. Then I go to Oasis and click on Metamask. It pops up and asks me to enter my password. I enter the password and it says that the password is incorrect. (I am entering the password to my Trezor right?)

So I installed Metamask on Chrome and got it to work. For some reason I can not get it to work on Brave Browser.

First welcome to Bones972

I had the same issues. Upgraded the Trezor bridge and my Trezor firmware. I ended up having to use Chrome and somehow everything just worked at some point. People were suggesting to turn off Brave Wallet and restart Brave - use a direct Metamask extension.

Once I got everything working again it just worked everywhere… But I did have to kill and restart/upgrade Brave. Ended up having to re-apply my same Metamask configuration settings.

With respect to the password - you are entering the password to Metamask not the Trezor. :smiley: It should be obvious since the Trezor you have to check boxes that correspond to numbers on the display.