TUSD is undergoing a material change to its ownership structure. Is there a process for reducing exposure in the event of a material change?

Hi @AnnabelTUSD, Many thanks for your work. The most key point is that the reserves will continue to be audited by Armanino LLP, and also the information about Techteryx seems much clearer. Thanks again xx

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No offense but it’s extra shady that first time users suddenly sign up for the forum to defend the new team… Personally, it’s more than a big red flag for me.


To clarify, I meant comments like “Thanks to your detailed explanation now I can rest assured to keep holding TusD” by Leonard.


Isn’t Leonard a sarcastic character? Maybe we’re not supposed to take his comment literally.


nicebit was created on the same day as this singular post

5 likes on this comment all from the other TUSD accounts, leonard, Teresa, Ken

Teresa was created dec 16 purely to comment and like comments from TUSD promoters in this thread

Ken was created 2 days ago purely to like nicebit’s post

TrueUSD_Official and and AnnabelTUSD were created only to participate in this thread



TUSD sybils say don’t worry about private keys


I searched google/baidu for ‘Techteryx’ in each of the regions mentioned:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Beijing

No hits in any region, link @AnnabelTUSD?

The only Google/Baidu hit for an executive Jennifer Jiang for me is CEO of a blockchain company in Boston with a published thesis explaining consensus mechanisms and block production (seems technical and capable)

Any publicly available information on the new executive?


Thank you for your detective work @David_Meister!

This TUSD situation starts to feel a bit scary, considering we hold 20% of all TUSD…

Hopefully we can set DC=0 soon enough.


Does anybody know the Celsius ETH wallet addy? Back in late November of 2020 they were holding a lot of TUSD, TrueGBP, etc. – wondering what they are doing with such.


Rumor has it that it’s the infamous 0xB1AdceddB2941033a090dD166a462fe1c2029484 But I can’t connect the dots…

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