Twitter account @mkrgov to keep MKR holders updated and involved in regards to governance

I recently registered the twitter handle @mkrgov with the idea of using it to highlight things that need input/attention/action/… from MKR holders. I registered it but I’m open to sharing access to it with the rest of the community depending on what people suggest we do with it.

My initial idea was to highlight @LongForWisdom’s “Governance at a glance” thread here but also try to get MKR holders more involved/updated in other ways which I still haven’t figured out yet. In short, open to all ideas.


In terms of the ‘Governance at a Glance’ thread, I’ve certainly got no objection to you linking to it. If it drives more interested parties to the forum, that would be a win.

As for other ideas, can we set it up so that it tweets when there are new polls and executive votes?

We should probably set the expectation early that the account be neutral towards rate changes and polls generally. We should use it to bring people’s attention to governance but not to advocate for one specific agenda over another, at least in my view.

As for other ideas, can we set it up so that it tweets when there are new polls and executive votes?

Not sure, that’s something I will try to find out.

Yes, absolutely agree on the neutral expectations. The purpose of the account is to help spread information as neutral as possible, not push for certain agendas.

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@marcandu built the other Maker twitter bots.

Would it be possible to create a new bot that announces new Gov Polls and Executive votes when they go up? Maybe we can even add time-triggered updates about votes currently ongoing in the system.

Imagine that twice a day an update gets published on the current Gov poll and Executive vote.

Then, everything else can be manually tweeted (like referencing relevant Forum threads and discussions that are going on).



That would be perfect to get this started yes!

Has this idea moved anywhere? I still think this would be pretty awesome to get working, it could help to inform members of governance about on-going votes. Once it’s setup we can potentially use it for other things too.

Even if it’s not initially automated, we could still use it manually. If it is manual though, there’s a question on whom should have access to the account. If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be great to hear them.

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