Unable to payback loan in full

I’ve borrowed 12,000 DAI and am trying to pay it back in full (see attached screenshot) while withdrawing my collateral at the same time. However, I’m unable to do so due to Dust limit it seems.
I’m getting an error saying

The Maker Vault debt amount either must be 0 or exceed 10,000.00 amount of Dai. Please change your payback amount

To my understanding I should satisfy that 0 requirement. Will appreciate any tips on how to work around this.

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Hi @Asq

according to Oasis your debt is 12000.37 DAI - i guess you just need to try to click to


and thats it?


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Frank here from the Oasis team.
@Asq Has also received support on the Oasis.app discord → Oasis App

The issue here was that the wallet wasn’t funded with enough Dai (12000 in stead of 12000.37). Thanks to this report we will reconsider the UI here and provide an update to make it more clear for users that the funds aren’t enough to fully repay their debt.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Wow, what great news. Keep up the improvements on those user friendly interfaces.

It has :slight_smile:

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