Unified Auctions UI Release v0.5.1 - January 14th 2022

Unified Auctions UI Release v0.5.1 - January 14th 2022

Version: v0.5.1
Name: Stockholms Auktionsverk

v0.5.1 in a nutshell

We are back into shipping mode with the start of the new Year. Since this is the first update this year, it is named after the world’s first auction house. So let us introduce the Stockholms Auktionsverk update. Biggest accomplishment: We added support for the Goerli network to our UI. Therefore, we had to deploy relevant exchange callee contracts to Goerli to facilitate this process. Additionally, there were some necessary clean-ups to our code base, mainly to make the code more accessible.

We have also laid the foundation for additional services: A new dashboard page displays auction related figures and parameters, which we will extend in the future. Finally, we automated our CI/CD pipeline further.

A closer look at changes and new features

Support Goerli

As support for Kovan testnet is slowly deprecated, we decided to keep up with the times and added support for Goerli testnet to our UI. Doing so, we want to ensure proper testing scenarios for our UIs in the future. Additionally, it gives us a solid foundation to have an auction-keeper implementation for Goerli in the future.

In the process, for the first time we deployed the relevant exchange callee contracts (another internal milestone :heavy_check_mark:) to the testnet and were able to execute some auctions on Goerli (see here)

Auction dashboard

No sprint with at least some value-add to the existing UI: We introduced a dedicated dashboard page that, from now on, will become the go-to place for auction related data, insights, and parameters. In the first iteration, we added a table that provides the current price on Uniswap as well as step & cut parameters for each collateral type currently supported by the UI. The idea is to extend this page step by step in the future with for example data on past auctions etc. You are welcome to have a glance: Auctions UI


For infrastructure work in this iteration, we set up a continuously deployed staging environment. It increases our testing capabilities and quality. We also improved the way we handle secrets within our images. Using chamber (by segment) directly within the Dockerfiles allows for safe secret injection at runtime.

Open Source

We want to be as transparent as possible in what we do. So if these bi-weekly release updates are not enough, or you want to have a closer look at our code base, you are more than invited to come by and check our repo: GitHub - sidestream-tech/unified-auctions-ui: Unified MakerDAO auctions


Cool name! TY for this post.

With regards to the Auction UI, is the error I get for collateral types COMP, BAL, etc., because these collateral types have a 0 DC?

EDIT: actually getting the same for GUSD


yeah, why are there collateral types which were already offboarded? Shouldn’t we show only active collateral types?

Also, why is Kovan as default chain when you visit a page? It would make more sense to have main as default


Thanks for having a look and getting back with the question.

The errors are shown for kovan and goerli due to the fact that these collateral types are not tradable on Uniswap there. Hovering over the error will give a quick explainer. We might change UI to make that more explicit.

Mainnet should not show any errors.


why are there collateral types which were already offboarded?

We kept showing offboarded collateral types and I agree that we need to clean up this list regularly.

why is Kovan as default chain when you visit a page? It would make more sense to have main as default

Went with kovan as the default to make the UI more beginner friendly. But I agree that this also causes confusion. So valid feature request and I will take it with me to switch default network to main. Thanks for providing that.