Uniswap governance considering opening a Maker vault

I saw in the Uniswap governance forums that they are considering opening a Maker vault to access liquidity from treasury UNI tokens: https://gov.uniswap.org/t/temperature-check-lock-treasury-uni-in-maker-vault-and-use-borrowed-dai-to-generate-yield/

Seems like early days but reception appears to be positive, with 7 out of 9 voters signaling support on the temperature check.


So this is good, right? We need more collateral to generate more DAI

It is exciting. As with YFI, large protocol-owned vaults are good customers and a great fit for Maker.

That’s what I thought. Buying more MKR off the market as we speak!

But in all seriousness, glad to see more users

We can try to work directly with protocols (in this case UNI) that have their native token in their treasury. The risk team determines the maximum amount we can raise the DC for that particular token and we offer to create that space for them and assist them in creating a strategy to earn yield based on their risk tolerance. Can present multiple options like, direct DAI yield on Compound, Curve deposit, TOKEN/DAI pair on Uniswap, using some portion to buy more TOKEN or ETH, etc. Coming to these projects and showing them they’re leaving money on the table can be a good way to generate more DAI. It could even be a community initiative to reach out to various governance channels/forums.


sounds like a good idea.