Updated forum theme and seeking feedback

The Forum theme is being updated to match the style guide, and I am seeking additional input from the community. (Technical setup at the end of post)

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In progress

There’s two pieces of feedback still in the works as they are deeper changes, and I’ll update this thread when those revisions are complete.

  1. Wrap the topic link around the entire list item in the topic list
  2. Move the avatar on the single post to within the post body

Request for feedback

Is having the category list side-by-side with the latest posts on the landing page the desired layout?

  • categories list split with latest posts
  • categories list and latest posts separate
  • something else

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Would love to hear any other thoughts you might have or feel free to open an issue on the repo. Thanks :raised_hands:

Potential updates

There’s a series of plug-ins that can be used to enhance the theme even more that haven’t been added directly to this iteration. They can be included in a future iteration, but have been excluded in this scope:

Technical Setup

If you’re technically inclined and would like the full experience, the setup for testing is fairly straightforward:

  1. Create account on Discourse Theme Creator
  2. Clone working repo - LFW MakerDAO Discourse Theme (pending pull) | Feedback update
  3. Install Discourse CLI - Meta Thread
    On Mac, if you have Ruby 2.2+ (default on 10.13.3) installed:
    $ gem install discourse_theme
  4. From the cloned theme directory:
    $ discourse_theme watch .