Updates to our Forum!

We’ve given a few updates to the forum to make information easily accessible to both newcomers and power users.

1. Groups!

Core Units descriptions, relevant links, and team members are now listed in a Group. The list of teams are available in the Groups Page:

2. Facilitator Titles!

Mandated Core Unit Facilitators now have an easily recognizable Title, visible next to the username on their posts.

2. Core Unit Contributor Titles!

Contributors/Members of Core Unit Teams also have a Title indicating they are team members, as well as a flair icon unique to each core unit. The relevant icon and list of members are also available in the Groups Page.

Did You Know? Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Team Group Pages to learn more about Core Units.

  1. Titles are Clickable. Clicking people’s Title gives you a hover to learn more about their core unit.

  1. You can @ teams. (Writing a MIP but don’t know what the number is? Tag @MIP-Editors to notify.) Please use responsibly. Below is a list of Team tags.



Great update. Really nice to see the groups on one page and be able to drill down into each one.

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