Updates to the process of publishing addresses on the changelog website

In order to speed up publishing new MCD contract addresses and use MakerDAO changelog website (https://changelog.makerdao.com/) as a single point of truth, we are introducing several changes to the process of updating it:

  1. All new contract addresses are published immediately after they are deployed.

  2. Contract addresses that contain version number in the URL (e.g. https://changelog.makerdao.com/releases/mainnet/1.1.2/contracts.json ) might be deployed, but not in use.

  3. The latest active contracts for the spells that have been cast, have the following static links:

  1. It is advised that everyone that need to use the contracts, to import them using URLs from the point 3 (with the active word in the URL). In that case they will be updated automatically for the projects they are used for.