[Urgent Executive] Debt Ceiling Adjustments, 18th Jan 2021

Hey all,

Debt ceilings of ETH-A and WBTC-A are close to full utilization and @SebVentures, @hexonaut, @LongForWisdom and myself felt that an urgent executive to increase the debt ceiling is needed.

On-chain polls were released today about proposed debt ceiling adjustments based on a Signal Request made last week. Based on the full support of the proposal by the community and the urgency of debt ceiling increase we feel that an urgent executive vote with the same proposed DC changes is preferred for ETH-A and WBTC-A.

Proposed Debt Ceiling Adjustments:

ETH-A DC increase to 1,000,000,000 DAI

WBTC-A DC increase to 210,000,000 DAI

@hexonaut who was delegated by Smart Contract Domain will prepare an executive spell shortly and will be available online once the current executive spell passes.


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