Use DAI surplus to pay for some tx fees when someone sends DAI

I’m not sure how this would work tbh, but I think it would be cool if anytime a user sends DAI to someone else (not borrow through a Vault), the protocol would pay part of, or all, of the tx fees.

I think the protocol might figure out how many DAI transfer txs are there in total, so to then figure out what percentage of the fees it can pay for each user.

That the tx fees be cheaper for sending DAI than sending other tokens, would increase DAI popularity in my opinion.


The only way this could possibly work is by using a zk-rollup to lower transaction costs.

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Like (see

This looks like a very promising project, they already support DAI and they are still in the early phases regarding designing ways to provide financial incentives to run the sice-chain.

It’s a project to follow, I think. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for MakerDAO to subsidise (some of) the costs of to achieve:

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The Engineering Core Unit is already working on L2 solutions (and sidechains) to lower gas prices. ZK and optimistic rollups are one of the few that are being analyzed/worked on. That should solve the issue :slight_smile:

You can read more here: A Multichain Strategy and Roadmap for Maker

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