Using Dai mint transaction fails, how fix?

Tried twice, get “Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted ]”.

Using and Metamask.

I have done one thing with both of those, that I imaginably could see could have caused the issue, and that is that I fee-bumped both (that is I clicked “Speed up” in Metamask). I have lost Eth now because of this execution error twice so hope to have your comment before trying third time.

What is the issue and how do I solve this?

Hey, @chat .

Sorry to hear that. It’s probably easier and faster if you head to there’s a channel called #help where this could be addressed.

Problem solved - the issue should have been that I was trying to mint Dai with a collateral that was just exactly at the liquidation value, and the transaction reached Ethereum miners at a later time when the collateral was already below the liquidation value.

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