Vault Compensation Plan v2

That is why i am asking.

But the poll was decided by 1 to 4 whales.

We would have to sell a solution to 1 to 4 other or maybe the same whales…

There is a very slim chance to turn this around.

Like I said, if you want to spend the time and effort to try to do that, you are free to do so. Personally, I don’t think it’s a productive use of time but stranger things have happened.


Exactly. Everything was fine (kind of) until last day when some guy voted 40k MKR to 0%. This was the chance to make things right to people that were really victims of a technical flaw. Not wishing harm to anybody but i sincerely hope the lawsuit obliterates any kind of future for the foundation

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Compensation promised. 6 months later compensation refused. I have a feeling this only helps the law suit gain traction…how could it not.

Like I said before 0% should not even have been an option. I believe it was known long in advance that this would be the result, through various indicators such as lack of interaction and enthusiasm for the subject.

Terrible customer service will speak for itself in the long run though. Law suit or not, people will vote with their feet if there is no trust. People should take note and be wary of future interaction as maker has proven to go against it’s own decisions.

Conpensation was agreed would happen and 0% is quite clearly not compensation.

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I too posted long ago on here that 0% should not be an option. A few hands controlled this decision and its no better than a board room of 10 people deciding a fate of 10k+ customers/users. This is NOT what we signed up for! Approval was already voted on and passed. What is the point of redoing part of a poll that already passed… you would only do that if you want a different outcome.

At this point trying to do another poll is a waste of time. All who are disappointed in this outcome should join the class action lawsuit and let the courts come to the conclusion that these 0 bid vault owners got screwed!

This is an embarrassment to the Maker foundation.


As @LongForWisdom stated, an Executive Proposal to distribute the MKR would still need to pass. That requires more than 80k MKR.


Haha… in March when everyone was talking about it: Quickly promise compensation,
then… delay nicely until everyone is doing yield farming and everybody forgot about it.
have a vote and just cancel compensation… smart…

As mentioned by the team: don;t expect anything else than wild west…

I know the carrot is gone… thanks for the illusion

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I believe V2 failed to be sold. Nagging and whining does not help here. This topic is dead. Move on to V3.

Not exactly related but I just found out I was eligible for a UNI airdrop.

Won’t help you big guys out much i doubt, but it was a welcome relief for me at least after today’s pain here.

Take note maker. This is some stellar customer service on display

There was no such promise as I specifically warned people many times that governance is a fickle beast. Just because one poll indicated that governance wanted to persue a compensation plan didn’t mean that they would end up compensating.

Please feel free to persue a compensation plan v3.

It is my hope to work up a final statement on the closure of this issue myself, but I believe it is in the interests of the compensation group to come up with a final statement on this issue.

I will say that I am thankful governance spoke up with some participation and made the vote decisive. I am personally sorry to all of you affected vault holders I personally was not able to speed up this process or sell the plan. A pretty significant amount of my own life energy and time was put into this and my goal was simply to present a plan that would allow governance to speak clearly to the issue.

I will be happy to consult and support any v3 initiative by others but will no longer act in any significant capacity on this issue as a front person trying to put anything together or sell it to anyone. I won’t be hurt if I am not consulted on v3.

I want to thank everyone in the BT Compensation group ( @LongForWisdom, @monet-supply @jpritikin and @Vault2288 felix, as well as others who worked behind the scenes to support us ) for their hard long work, a cooperative spirit, a hope that we could accomplish something positive for the entire community. I believe we have succeeded in my primary goal. Present the issue, and allow governance to speak. My job was not to be vested in this passing, or failing, but only to provide the framework for governance to decide.

My sincerest wishes to everyone affected by this, and thank you for everyone’s patience, and understanding revolving around this most difficult issue.


Thanks for your work, anyway.
I just don’t understand why we delayed the effort (to make sure we include a tiny percent of affected accounts), when there was a clear signal to approve it in May/June???
Okay, now nobody gets the compensation.

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Please stop the spamming.

The vast majority of polls/executive votes on MakerDAO are (or, at least, have been so far) decided by a few whales. This vote was no exception.

Next time (V3 if it will be pushed forward? Or another opportunity?), instead of flaming in the forum, try to borrow the necessary MKR in the market, vote for yourself, and win.

For what is worth, I am no whale, and I agree with the final result of the poll.

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The result of the original poll can be found here:

The official portal is currently having some optimization work done on it. All of the polls earlier than the last ~40 or so are currently not showing up (even by direct links). This should be temporary.


Also, they silently removed liquidations from vault history in Oasis. Can still see them in DefiExplore. Shady AF

You are free to express disappointment. Insults or attacks on individuals or the community will be removed.


In the end, it is all about risk assesment when doing something in crypto.
To my opinion, the front end websites for the smart contract are by fare not suitable to do proper risk assesement. I learned about Maker after joining a presentation of some maker community members. This was about 1.5 years ago. Then coinbase earn showed how easy it is to open a CDP. Also, coinbase didn’t talked about many of the risks, like loosing DAIUSD peg, slow transactions in a market crash, keepers that can suddenly play the game of 0 bid… none of this.
As Maker holder, I think maker has other more important treats, like increased centralized collateral and or lack of collateral in general… Maker token is also showing these treats as price is not doing so great recently.

Is anyone aware of any legal action against coinbase?

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Is this over? Well… I think there is a last resource that worth the discussion:

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Hi everyone.

Please post a complaint on

Decentralization should not grant a license to screw over users.

Also if you’re considering any other legal avenues please dm me or email [email protected].
We gave Maker (holders/foundation whatever) a chance to do the right thing and now the legal route is the one open to us.

Best of luck to all.