Vault setup gas fees

Hi everybody

I am fairly new with this Dai Vault. I was just wondering if it is normal to have to pay 0.1 ETH to start setting up the Vault? Is there anyway to avoid that amount even if it takes longer?

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Hi and welcome !

No, remember that the Protocol lives in the Ethereum blockchain, so anything that you do like sending Dai or interacting with a protocol like MakerDAO incurs in paying the fees of the Ethereum Blockchain (known as Gas Fees).

The best thing you can do is look at websites like and be aware when this Gas Fees are low so you can interact with the protocol by a decent gas amount.

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Hi and thanks for your response.

I understand the network fees. But I dont understand why the gas limit to start setting up the Vault is around 1000000 instead of the usual 21000-42000? That moves the fee to around 0.1-0.2 ETH which I think is huge.
So I wonder if this is just a necesary first step or wheter there is another way of avoid this big amount.

thanks again!!!

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Oh ok, so yeah, in the Ethereum network everything comes to the contracts of any protocol, token, etc… You can’t compare the gas limit of sending ETH of 21k with the gas limit of a whole deployed contract as the Maker Vaults are, so no i think right now there is no other way to set the limit lower, just hope for the gas to be low.

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executive summary… the contract is “doing” way more than just a transfer. hence more gas is needed.

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Thanks so much to both for your answers!