Want Help about Transaction

Last time My friend send some Dai from his own wallet to exchange wallet

But tx got stucked, after some time he speed up the transaction with more gas but that amount get sent to DAI contract not to user account
Is there any glitch in DAI contract ,how this can be possible
Anybody will help about this will be helpful

Unfortunately if Dai is accidentally sent do the Dai contract it cannot be recovered.


spidomo is right, it is not possible to recover the DAI

Sorry friend

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I’m sorry you lost those DAI, if that’s the price to pay for decentralisation.

With USDT you could write to them and they could sort it out.

Always check 3 or 4 times where you are sending to, to avoid it happening again my friend.


Hi Admin/s, I have mistakenly send $32.77 Dai Stablecoin (BEP20) to Dai stablecoin contract address - 0x1af3f329e8be154074d8769d1ffa4ee058b1dbc3 from my wallet - 0x5b95718806d982bc726d6eac46af72740ee1a091. Txn hash - 0x39c1f10411222380bdd837d58bff69b9d4f983b6fe6bc77ef936be6c672281ce. I am from a country which is really poor and this is one my hard earned money. Could you please please please please send it back to that address it sent from pretty please or arrange the same??. Its for metamask dropdown address which I could not remove from recent txn ones. I have pressed on that address mistakenly and sent it. Please help me!!

We are sorry, but the BEP-20 is a sidechain, thereiu least you can do something.

You lost those funds.


Maybe this contact with support can help in some way, I haven’t really heard of any cases of returns, but try it anyway.