Wanted! Framework for MKR Compensation Working Group - Community Member Holding no/little MKR Representative

Wanted! Framework for MKR Compensation Working Group - Community Member Holding no/little MKR Representative

As you may know from the Framing a Framework for MKR Compensation call, we’re looking to form a small, diverse group to work on a Framework for MKR Compensation.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in participating as a Community Member Holding no/little MKR representative, please apply by replying to this post with your (or their) name and work in a five-person working group alongside four other representatives from the following categories:

Voting will take place in ~one week :smile:

Applicants for Community Member Holding no/little MKR Representative so far:


:raised_back_of_hand: (I do hold more MKR than reasonable according to my CFO)


I hold no MKR.


As mentioned on yesterday’s call I would be happy to volunteer to participate in this working group.

For those who don’t know me or are unfamiliar with my posts, I’ll provide some brief background and summarize my views. I’ve worked in Finance/Consulting for the past ~10 years within FP&A, Corporate, Operations, and Supply Chain sub-functions. I oversee and have managed 9-digit budgets within OpEx and working capital. I’m currently working for a large public company that’s seen it’s share price 3x and 9x over the past five and ten years respectively - through growth in cash flow and value creation.

I’ve been investing in public markets since 2009, initially focusing primarily on small and micro-cap investment opportunities. I’ve seen a lot of compensation plans through my research digging through SEC filings.

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s business partner that helped build Berkshire Hathaway once said, “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcome”. I believe a well-thought out and structured compensation framework will be critical to the success of MakerDAO and the appreciation of the MKR token.

In my mind, a strong token compensation framework will:

• Attract and retain the best possible talent
• Promote the achievement of key strategy and financial performance
• Motivate long-term value creation; and
• Align the interests of parties receiving token compensation with all stakeholders

To achieve these objectives, we should:

• Have competitive positioning of pay versus our peers
• Deliver a significant portion of pay in the form of variable, at-risk compensation
• Align performance measures with strategy
• Use a combination of vehicles that collectively promote the achievement of positive results, retention and sustainable long-term value creation

If you’re interested in expressing your views - please shoot me a message I’d love to discuss.


@Aes I love your introduction and I think you have the right credentials to ‘represent’ us at this Working group.

I have 0% experience in vesting/compensation plants, etc. I am just learning and thinking about these topics thanks to MakerDAO: for me these types of learning possibilities are one of the main reasons to participate in governance!

I think your Charlie Munger’s quote:

is just perfect and I don’t need to add anything. Or maybe I will just add this 4 min video:


IMHO @Aes is the best fit for this working group and I will vote for him for sure.

@Aes if you need a rubber duck or similar, don’t hesitate to reach out


I don’t know if this would work for MakerDAO but Yearn have designed a compensation package using Coordinape. Maybe its worth testing out.

@ultraschuppi , @ejbarraza and @Aes looks like you’re the three candidates. As per the original post, we’ll take a vote, but if any of you want to drop out given the others volunteering, please respond clearly and publicly here.

If there are still multiple candidates in 24 hours, I’ll setup a poll.

I absolutely vouch for @Aes and if it makes everything easier I would like to revoke my application here.


I also rescind my application assuming @Aes wants to move forward with this candidacy.


I can confirm I’m still interested, thanks all :slight_smile:


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