Wanted! Framework for MKR Compensation Working Group - Large MKR Holder Representative

Wanted! Framework for MKR Compensation Working Group - Large MKR Holder Representative

As you may know from the Framing a Framework for MKR Compensation call, we’re looking to form a small, diverse group to work on a Framework for MKR Compensation.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in participating as a Large MKR Holder representative, please apply by replying to this post with your (or their) name and work in a five-person working group alongside four other representatives from the following categories:

Voting will take place in ~one week :smile:

Applicants for Large MKR Holder Representative so far:


What’s large?


That’s a good question, @g_dip.

I have the feeling that we will have a tough time finding a representative in this category even with a loose definition, so I’m not sure if we should make it more specific.

PS, if anyone thinking about this is considering it and has doubts, feel free to reach out privately.

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Personally I would say somewhere on the 3rd order. So 1000-10000 MKR.


I can participate unless someone else really insists.


I’ve been in contact with an anonymous whale.

Here are the important parts of the conversation.

[…] Another thing to note is that in addition to being a large holder myself, I am connected to all the whale VCs and believe I can bring their interests to the table.

I didn’t know PlanetX was a large MKR holder, that’s good! I guess the question is, what are you looking to get out of this? I’m happy to participate in whatever way you think is most effective regardless of whether I’m formally in the group. My goal is to have a say in how MKR is used in compensation, as I want to protect my investment from dilution - I think you will find a lot of the other large holders share this sentiment. I also have experience in designing compensation structures using tokens, cash and equity.



Q: what am I trying to get out of this?
A: as stable as possible operating conditions for Maker in present situation and near-future scenarios. Prime focus is risk mitigation across scenarios.

A: That is very reassuring to hear. I hereby gladly offer my candidacy to this anon whale if the person wants it.


If we could get a full compensation framework/numbers from this person that would be awesome.


The working group will almost certainly involve voice calls, the whale may need to consider if that’s workable for them.

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Feedback might be provided when/if requested then, but candidature is off.

Given the lack of any other public candidates, this slot will be filled by @Planet_X

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