Wanted: Join the Summary Team

Hello Maker community member,

With the growing number of public calls at MakerDAO, we are looking to expand the size of the summary team.

The Summary team is a group of contributors who work together week-to-week producing high-quality summaries and abbreviated snippets of important public calls; These include Governance and Risk meetings, Collateral Onboarding Calls, Emergency Governance Calls, and more.

Join us as a writer and earn 30 Dai per hour to help produce these call summaries!

Reach out to me, @david.u, on rocketchat if you’re interested or comment here on this thread!



Hello, I’m interested. I’ve got experience as a consumer tech writer covering mostly laptops on 9to5gadgets.com. Could I know a bit more about the job at hand? Thank you!

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Nice :slight_smile:

Have you read through the linked Governance Call summary guide?

Do you have any specific questions?

The basic idea is that each month there are at least 4-6 public calls that need documentation/summaries.

We place two people on each call to cover live notes as comprehensively as possible. Each person attends the live call, and then cleans up their sections after the call with the aide of the recording once it’s posted on youtube later that day.

We aim for 2-day turn around time for this part of the process.

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile: So far it looks pretty straightforward, when would the next meeting start? How many hours do you have budgeted per summary (ballpark)?

Team has been doing a great job with the summaries! Very useful.


The ideal team for each call consists of 3 people: 2 writers and 1 reviewer. The max number of hours to turn out a completed summary is ~14 total between all 3 people. If everyone is trained and performing well, it shouldn’t take more than 12 hrs total between everyone.

Join the gov-call-summaries channel on rocketchat.

DM me (@david.u) on rocketchat with your hackmd username, or associated email address so I can add you to our Hackmd group space.

Then any other questions we can go back and forth on in dm or in that summary team channel.

Bumping this.

Some of our team members will have less availability this month so we are taking this opportunity to onboard new contributors.

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in working with the summary team!



We are looking to add new contributors to the team. Reach out to @Artem_Gordon or @Davidutro, if you are interested in joining us!


@Artem_Gordon Hello Artem,

I’m following up regarding the transcriptionist position. I will be glad to join your team. How can I share my resume with you> Thanks!

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