Wanted: Styling for this forum and the Community Development Portal


We’re looking for someone to put a pretty face on this forum and the portal.

Applicants will need to be able to deliver the client side code.

The design should be minimally intrusive and adhere to general MakerDAO design principals and styles.


If you feel you, or your team, is capable of handling this task: please feel free to ask questions in this thread, reach out to [email protected], or DM me in the chat @rich.brown.

Funding will be provided through the Grants Program framework.


I’ve created a github in which I’ve made a very limited start on the styling for this forum. I would encourage anyone that is interested in contributing to do so.

I’ve included links in the readme to help with on-boarding and setting up a development environment to the point where you can easily work on the theme. The setup took me approximately an hour, I imagine it will go faster now that all the appropriate guides and links are in one central location.

In terms of expertise, if you know CSS you will be capable of doing about 80% of the work. There is some scripting and more advanced features that would require more expertise, this probably makes up the remaining 20%.

I’m currently in the ‘can just about barely work with CSS’ camp, so any additional contributions would be greatly appreciated.