Wanted: Weekly Governance Recap for MKR Holders


We are looking for someone to commit to creating a weekly summary of governance activity which provides the community and MKR holders with concise, unbiased information, and allows them to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the governance ecosystem.

The goal of these summaries is to provide token holders with the information they need to vote on current issues and/or easily find additional information.

The format of the roll-up should be easily reposted to various social media platforms like Reddit, these forums, Twitter, Cent, etc.


The recap should:

  • include vital system stats such as
    • The Dai Peg
    • The Dai Supply
    • The Current Stability Rates
    • Debt Ceilings
    • DSR
    • Collateral Packages and their usage.
  • inform of on-chain polls and executive votes both currently active and upcoming.
  • summarise the arguments for and against each vote.
  • summarise the current membership of active DAO teams.
  • summarise any notable events of the week.
  • be between 500-1000 words.


  • One or more sample summaries should be provided to demonstrate proposed layouts/formats.
  • We are looking for formal, journalistic tone.
  • We are looking for a long term commitment to creating this weekly summary.


If you feel you, or your team, is capable of handling this task please feel free to ask questions in this thread, reach out to [email protected], or DM me in the chat @rich.brown.

Funding will be provided through the Grants Program framework.