Wanted: Writers and Reviewers for Summary Team

Hello, MakerDAO community,

With the growing number of public calls at MakerDAO, we are looking to expand the size of the summary team.

The Summary team is a group of contributors who work together week-to-week producing high-quality summaries and abbreviated snippets of important public calls; These include Governance and Risk meetings, Meet Your Delegate meeting, Speaker Series meetings, and more.

Join us as a writer or reviewer and earn 30 Dai per hour to help produce these call summaries! In addition, there is room for promotional opportunities as we are also in need of summary reviewers, who earn 40 Dai per hour!

Reach out to me, @artemisios, on Rocketchat if you’re interested or comment here on this thread!



Hi Artem - I am a new Forum member but longtime MKR owner. I’m interested in the Summary Reviewer role on a part time basis. Can we connect so I can learn more?



Hey, I think this fits your profile @Alefcripto



I am an experienced and talented writer who owns and is developing several domains to be websites to showcase DeFi, economics, and blockchain industry news and more importantly my deep dives explaining the nuances and technologies such as yield farming, collateralized debt vaults, AMM (automated market maker) balancing, hedging DeFi positions and much more. I am especially skilled at taking highly complex and nontraditional concepts and breaking them down into easily digestible and understandable morsels of knowledge even lay people can understand. I have experience writing for various technology enterprises on the topics of IT, cryptography, security, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), crypto-assets, and market manipulation or crypto “insider trading” (in quotes because true insider trading legal definitions don’t always apply).

If you’d like an example of some of my writings I can provide that for you easily.
You can contact me over email or on the phone 562 666 6974 or [email protected]. If I am in a meeting or asleep, just leave a message, I will call you right back as soon as possible (I’m on PST, located in Southern California, USA) but you can call me any time.

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Thanks Diego for bringing it to my attention, yes it could be good to apply. Artem I am very interested, I already do my part in the community doing translations and also summarize some of the governance polls in Spanish.


Best of good luck, old friend, in this new adventure.


Thx my friend :raised_hands:

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