Week 21 DAI Distributions, SourceCred Funding (MIP13c3-SP6)

The 21st week of SourceCred trial payouts are here! A hosted instance of SourceCred running on the Maker forum can be found here.

Also, a reminder that payouts are now only going to those that have opted in to the trial. For details on opting in, see Opting in to Sourcecred/Wth is SourceCred?.

SourceCred Protocol Funding

As detailed in MIP13c3-SP6: SourceCred Funding, the Maker-SourceCred working group will be submitting a Declaration of Intent (MIP13) to MKR holders during the November governance cycle. If approved, the SourceCred trial will be extended an additional six months, during which the working group will work with the community to hash out and implement a direct integration with the Maker protocol! Preliminary discussion of how an integration design might look has started on this SourceCred forum post. Any feedback or ideas appreciated!


This week $2,500 worth of DAI was distributed based on Cred scores. Navigate to the DAI Accounts tab of the Maker instance to see your current DAI balance and total DAI earned. Below are the top contributors by DAI earned.

Top Contributions

Below are the top 10 posts created last week, ranked by Cred generated.

Top Contributors

Below are the top 10 contributors last week, ranked by Cred generated.

Cred Contributor
163.2 LongForWisdom
149.2 Primoz
134.3 hexonaut
96 Derek
66.5 mrabino1
65.8 lix
64.6 cmooney
62.6 ElProgreso
52.6 iammeeoh
50.8 juanjuan

Below is a chart of the top Cred earners over the last eight weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns about the scores, data or presentation thereof, please don’t hesitate to ask!