Week 9 DAI Distributions - SourceCred trial

The ninth week of SourceCred trial payouts are here!

July payouts should go out in the next few days to those that have opted in.

Below you can find this week’s DAI payouts, Cred scores, and the top 10 contributions of the week by Cred created.

For full scores and payout data, see this observable notebook. A hosted instance of SourceCred running on the Maker forum can be found here. Further details, including how scores and payouts are calculated, can be found in Maker SourceCred Trial.


This week $2,500 worth of DAI was distributed based on Cred scores. As seen in the table below, well below the theoretical $20,000 worth of DAI that was budgeted has been paid out. This is due to those that have not yet opted in and those exempt from the trial, which includes some Foundation employees with high Cred scores. To see the full DAI balances for all contributors (including you!) see the observable notebook.

Friendly reminder that if you haven’t opted in, your DAI balance will continue to accrue and be available for redemption on-chain until one month after the end of the trial (Sept 1st), after which it will be returned to the Foundation.

How to opt in

At the end of the month, contributors that opt in to receiving payments and have at least $10 of DAI in accrued payouts can redeem their balance for DAI on-chan. The balance available for redemption will be equal to the sum of weekly payouts posted to the forum. To opt in, please send a direct message to @sourcecred-trial-adm indicating your desire to participate in the trial and providing an Ethereum address to send payments to. Note that transactions are public and that the payment will be will be reflected in the UI (e.g. the balance); i.e. the ETH address you provide may be tied to your forum identity.

Cred scores

Below is a breakdown of Cred earned this week along with lifetime Cred scores for the top contributors.

Top Contributions

Below are the top 10 posts created last week, ranked by Cred generated.

Top Contributors

Below are the top 10 contributors last week, ranked by Cred generated.

Below is a chart of the top Cred earners over the last six weeks (since the trial began).

If you have any questions or concerns about the scores, data or presentation thereof, please don’t hesitate to ask!