Weekly Cadence for the GovAlpha Core Unit

Governance @ MakerDAO

How GovAlpha Serves the Maker Community (and you can too!)

This post is intended to give the community a better idea of the week-to-week tasks the GovAlpha Core Unit undertakes. I hope it provides some insight and transparency into what we are responsible for within the community. If this sounds like your cup of tea, reach out to @LongForWisdom or me to get involved!


Governance is the process and structure used to make decisions within an institution. Our job in GovAlpha is to facilitate decision-making within the DAO and ensure ideas and differing opinions can be engaged with and contemplated by the community. For an organization like a DAO, that also means ensuring new participants can enter the system and contribute in the arena and manner they see fit.

The primary channels of communication for Maker are the Forum and Rocket.Chat, where we help moderate and facilitate discourse. GovAlpha is also responsible for the copy that appears on the Voting Portal where items can appear through the Signaling Process, Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) Submission and urgent recommendations of Mandated Actors.

Weekly Duties

To fulfill our mandate and act efficiently within our scope, GovAlpha has a set weekly cadence that covers the expected Governance duties each week.


Our week starts Sunday night (UTC) when polls are confirmed and loaded into the voting portal and set to go live the next day at 16:00 UTC.


Most Mondays there are updates to be made to the Collateral Onboarding Sheet based on polls going active or concluding. Our weekly office hours, open to anyone with questions about Maker Governance, occur at 17:00 UTC. We also use Mondays to coordinate bigger tasks that cannot wait until our weekly meeting.


Typically we host our internal 1 on 1s on Tuesday to allow check-ins between contributors and facilitators to take place early in the week.

Our weekly Core Unit Meetings take place at 15:00 UTC where we do a stand-up for progress since last week, assign weekly duties, and discuss relevant Governance issues. Facilitators meet before this meeting to coordinate and set an agenda, which is left open to all GovAlpha contributors to make additions.


On Wednesday the bulk of our Governance work and checklists begin, with coordination for the weekly Executive Vote and Polls process taking place. Whoever is assigned these duties at our Weekly Meeting starts the checklist by drafting expected polls and items for the week’s Executive Vote.


The main event on Thursdays is the weekly Governance and Risk Call. In addition to hosting this call, preparing our Weekly Update and Forum at a Glance, Thursdays are the primary day for drafting. By end of the day UTC, we aim to have the Executive Vote Copy and Onchain Polling copy completed.


Our main duties on Fridays are those of coordination. After completing reviews and edits to the copy for the Executive we coordinate with other mandated actors to get the Executive Vote published. Ideally, polls edits are also completed so Sunday’s submission is ready to go, barring any last-minute additions.


Typically a day of rest for the Core Unit. There might be urgent situations that arise or more poll work to be done, but we try to keep weekends off for our Core Unit to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Ongoing Duties

When all is going well, this weekly cadence gives us plenty of time to focus on ongoing projects and collaborations. You can take a look at some of our initiatives from our Q2 and Q3 Budget.

Things like SourceCred, Voter Delegation, and the new MIPs Portal (among other projects) take ongoing support from our facilitators and contributors. While these projects are not as “mission-critical” as ensuring Governance Participation, they play a huge role in keeping the Governance of the Maker ecosystem accessible and ever-improving.

Parting Reflections

This weekly cadence has served the GovAlpha Core Unit well. There are opportunities for contributors of many different experience levels and interests to get involved, while still having time to pursue ongoing initiatives that might be more exciting to both the Core Unit and the community at large.

The DAO space is still quite young and many view Maker as an example of a protocol tackling governance with success. This can only be true if we continue to improve our processes, attract passionate talent, and follow through on our objectives. As such we are open to feedback at all times, and currently looking to expand our team.

This was post is made to expand transparency, at the suggestion of @LongForWisdom. I look forward to going into further detail on any of the above items and answering questions related to what GovAlpha does and how Governance decisions are made.


I congratulate you guys, so far as I have seen in the forum, you are doing a very good job, I also congratulate the organized way you plan your work week, a well organized team is a productive team.