Weekly MIPs Update #10

Last Week’s Activity (July 20 - 24)


  • The Monthly MIPs Governance Poll was published for the five proposals that passed the Inclusion poll stage. The poll ran for three days ending last Thursday at noon EDT.
    • The Governance Poll passed with the following results:
      • Yes Votes = 18,125.55 MKR
      • No Votes = 0 MKR


  • The Governance Facilitator performed the Governance Poll Review as part of the governance meeting and confirmed the poll’s outcome in preparation for the Monthly MIPs Executive Vote on July 27.

This Week’s Activity (July 27 - 31)



  • The Governance Facilitator will perform the Governance Cycle Review as part of the governance and risk meeting. This includes summarizing and discussing July’s Governance Cycle with the community. This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss the upcoming governance cycle and any potential submissions.

Next Week’s Activity (The Next Governance Cycle Starts on August 3)


  • On Monday, August’s Governance Cycle Officially Begins. There will be no polls or votes this week!
  • The Formal Submission period will run from August 3 to August 5. This period is when MIPs/Subproposals in the RFC phase are proposed to enter the governance cycle.
    • As a side note, if you have any proposals in progress, I encourage you to submit them for review on the forums if you intend to propose it in a near-term Governance Cycle.


  • The Governance Facilitator will perform the Submission Review to determine which of the formally submitted MIPs/Subproposals should be put forth for Inclusion Polls on Monday, August 10.

Other News

Collateral Onboarding

  • MANA was officially onboarded to the Maker Protocol today. You may now create Vaults with the MANA collateral type on Oasis Borrow.
  • This month’s Collateral Onboarding Community Greenlight Polls are still in progress until Monday, August 3. The Community Greenlight Polls for the following collateral types:

Don’t forget to vote - your vote matters! :ballot_box:

Recent MIPs Activity

MIP17 Working Group Call

  • Given that MIP17 was initially rejected from the Governance Cycle this month and there has been a lot of discussion on how to improve/modify the proposal’s logic to meet Maker’s needs, I held a community call to discuss our options going forward.
    • Results: A call summary will be provided over the next couple of days in the form of a forum post/thread, and a new proposal will be put forward focusing on Debt Ceiling Adjustments only.

Proposals in the Request for Comments (RFC) Phase:

  • MIP20 Target Price Adjustment Module (Vox)
    • In short, this proposal defines a process for adjusting the target price of DAI according to a governance defined rate, allowing the institution of negative effective interest rates.
  • MIP13c3-SP1 : Declaration of Intent for Forward Guidance (in RFC)
    • In short, this proposal aims to help Vault users hedge their exposure to the base rate via various derivative contracts.
  • MIP15 Dark Spell Mechanism
    • In short, this proposal formalizes a process for applying critical bug fixes to the Maker Protocol as an alternative to an unplanned Emergency Shutdown.
  • MIP14 Protocol DAI Transfer
    • In short, this proposal defines a generic process for transferring DAI from the Maker Protocol to a target ethereum address. This process is a fallback method of transferring value from the protocol in the event that a more specific process does not exist to do so.
    • @LongForWisdom also mentioned that he would be open to having MIP14 be taken over from him to a new champion/Author. So if anyone is interested in taking over MIP14 and working with the community on a resubmission, just ping me (MIP Editor) and I can facilitate the transition of Authorship.

A few Pre-MIP Discussions are still ongoing:

A TUSD Update

  • A Governance Poll to Adjust the TUSD Debt Ceiling was posted on Monday, July 27, and will run until Thursday at noon EDT. If the poll passes, the next steps are to propose an Executive Vote for the Debt Ceiling Adjustment this Friday. Further information about the proposed adjustment can be found in this forum post.



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