Weekly MIPs Update #12

Last Week’s Activity (August 10-14)



  • During the weekly Governance and Risk Call, the Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) performed the Inclusion Poll Review and confirmed that two of the three formally submitted subproposals would be included in the Monthly MIPs Governance Poll on Monday, August, 17.

This Week’s Activity (Monthly MIPs Governance Poll, August 17 - 21)



  • The Governance Facilitators will perform the Governance Poll Review as part of the Governance and Risk meeting. They will confirm the poll’s outcomes in preparation for Week 4’s Monthly MIPs Executive Vote that will occur on Monday, August 24.

Other News

Collateral Onboarding

  • As mentioned previously, the Weekly Governance Cycle will be used for the onboarding of PAXUSD and USDT (Tether).
    • A tentative timeline (to be confirmed by the domain teams):
      • The PAXUSD and USDT Governance Polls will go live on Monday, August 24. If the Governance Poll passes, the Executive Vote would be published on September 4.
  • [LRC Onboarding] Given that LRC was rejected in the Inclusion poll stage of this month’s Governance Cycle, a Signal Request was put up on the official forums to gauge sentiment regarding the timing of its resubmission. The signal poll will run until August 23, 2020, at 12:00 PM EST.
    • @LongForWisdom made an excellent point, stating the following:
      • “We could use the weekly cycle, but I think that sets a really bad precedent for governance, so there would have to be a good reason for me to consider allowing it (which I don’t think exists given the proposed debt ceiling on LRC is only 3 million.) As a general rule, if something is voted out of the monthly cycle at the inclusion stage, it seems a bit scummy to allow a re-vote in the same month because the community didn’t like the outcome. To some extent, I’d also like larger MKR voters to see this as a relatively low-cost lesson and hopefully, an incentive to vote more consistently in on-chain polls.”
    • In summary, the results of this signal poll will provide a signal from the community to the domain teams that the community would like to see LRC resubmitted into September’s Governance Cycle.
  • This month’s Collateral Onboarding Community Greenlight Polls went live today and will run for two weeks ending on Monday, August 31. There is a total of 12 polls covering the following collateral types:

  • Collateral Status Index
    • This index was created to help the community to track the current statuses of all proposed collateral types.

MIPs Update

The following proposals are still in Request for Comments (RFC) stage:

Ongoing Pre-MIP Discussions:



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