Weekly MIPs Update #18

This Week’s Activity (October 19 - 23)


  • The (bundled) Monthly MIPs Governance Poll was published for the eight proposals that passed the Inclusion poll stage. The bundled poll ran for three days ending on today at 4 pm UTC.
  • Results:
    • Yes Votes = 61,584.96 MKR
    • No Votes = 0 MKR

Monthly MIPs Governance Poll (Bundled Proposals):




  • Today, the Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) performed the Governance Poll Review to confirm the poll’s outcome (it’s successful passing) in preparation for next week’s MIPs Executive Vote.

Next Week’s Activity (October 26 - 30)


  • Monday marks the start of the final week of October’s Governance Cycle.
  • The Monthly MIPs Executive Vote will be published and will be active for four days. If the Executive Vote does not pass before the four-day time limit expires, all of the bundled proposals in the Vote will effectively be rejected.


  • The Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) will perform the Governance Cycle Review, summarizing October’s Governance Cycle and opening up the floor for feedback and questions from the community and discussing any plans for November’s Governance Cycle.

Collateral Onboarding Updates

  • YFI and BAL Governance Polls successfully passed. The Executive Vote to officially add them to the Maker Protocol is scheduled for next week (Friday, October 30).
  • PAXG and GUSD Collateral Onboarding Governance Polls will go out Monday, October 26.
  • The Collateral Prioritization Framework has officially been released!
    • The Collateral Onboarding Framework is a model that compares and prioritizes collateral types objectively, based on defined metrics and weights to seed intelligent discussions and inform the domain teams on which collateral types to prioritize. It’s important to note that the framework will not be the only tool used when the domain teams choose what collateral assets they will prioritize.
    • Forum Post Announcement
  • The Community Greenlight Polls for October were published on Monday and will run until November 2. There is a total of 11 polls covering the collateral types displayed in the image below:

MIPs Activity

Proposals in the Request for Comments (RFC) Stage:



Important Note: Final changes to proposals in the RFC phase must be added before October 28 to be eligible for inclusion in November’s Governance cycle. This results from the 1-week frozen period (when no changes can be made to proposals) that proposals have to go through before being Formally Submitted to a Governance Cycle.

Pre-MIP Discussions

New Proposal Ideas

Ongoing Discussions



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