Weekly MIPs Update #19

This Week’s Activity (October 26 - 30)


  • The Monthly MIPs Executive Vote was published.
    • The Executive Vote passed on Tuesday, October 27, and was executed on Wednesday, October 28.

Accepted Proposals:




  • The Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) performed the Governance Cycle Review, summarizing October’s Governance Cycle and discussing any plans for November’s Governance Cycle.

Next Week’s Activity (November 2 - 6)


  • Monday marks the beginning of November’s Governance Cycle!
  • Formal Submission begins on Monday, November 2, and ends on Wednesday, November 5.
    • To all the Authors of proposals who have completed the RFC period, please reach out if you have questions about the Formal Submission process.


  • The Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) will perform the Submission Review to determine which of the formally submitted MIPs/Subproposals should be put forth for Inclusion Polls on Monday, November 9.

Collateral Onboarding Updates

  • YFI and BAL Governance Polls successfully passed. The Executive Vote to officially add the assets to the Maker Protocol’s is tentatively scheduled for next week.
  • PAXG and GUSD Collateral Onboarding Governance Polls were published on Monday and have both successfully passed.
    • The Executive Vote to officially add the assets to the Maker Protocol will be scheduled within 30 days.
  • The Collateral Prioritization Framework has been made public!
  • The Community Greenlight Polls for October are live until Monday, November 2. Don’t forget to vote!

MIPs Activity

Proposals in the Request for Comments (RFC) Stage:



Note: All proposals in the RFC stage are eligible for inclusion in November’s Governance Cycle.

Pre-MIP Discussions

New Proposal Ideas

Ongoing Discussions



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