Weekly MIPs Update #21

Last Week’s Activity (November 9 - 13)



This Week’s Activity (November 16 - 20)


  • The Monthly MIPs Governance Poll was published for the seven proposals that passed the Inclusion poll stage. This bundled poll will run for three days ending on Thursday, November 19.


  • The Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) will perform the Governance Poll Review to confirm the poll’s outcomes in preparation for the MIPs Executive Vote’s that will go out on Monday, November 23.

Next Week’s Activity (November 23 - 27)


  • Monday marks the start of the final week of November’s Governance Cycle!
  • The Monthly MIPs Executive Vote will be published. The vote will be active for four days; if the Executive Vote does not pass before the four-day limit expires, all of the vote’s bundled proposals will effectively be rejected.


  • The Governance Facilitator (@LongForWisdom) will perform the Governance Cycle Review, summarizing November’s Governance Cycle and opening up the floor for feedback and questions from the community and discussing any plans for December’s Governance Cycle.

Collateral Onboarding Updates

  • Check out the new Collateral Onboarding Handbook!
    • The Collateral Onboarding Handbook contains a thorough collection of information regarding Maker Protocol collateral onboarding, ranging from the formation of domain teams and the explanations of the governance processes involved to the domain work used to date for successful collateral onboarding, and more.
  • The Executive Vote to officially onboard GUSD passed on Nov 18, 2020 and is available for execution on Nov 21, at 01:19 UTC.
  • The Executive Vote to officially onboard YFI and BAL to the Maker Protocol passed on November 8 and was executed on November 12.
  • The Community Greenlight Polls for November were published on November 16 and will run until November 30. The Community Greenlight Polls cover the following two collateral types:
  • Next up for Collateral Onboarding:
    • PAXG
    • AAVE
    • UNI
    • RenBTC
    • tBTC
    • UNI-V2-DAI-ETH
  • For more details on the status of Collateral Onboarding, check out the Collateral Prioritization Framework spreadsheet here.

MIPs Activity

Proposals in the Request for Comments (RFC) Stage:

New Proposals

Other Proposals in RFC

Pre-MIP Discussions

New Discussions

On-going Discussions



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