Weekly MIPs Update #28

This Week (March 01 - March 05)


  • Monday marked the beginning of March’s Governance Cycle!
  • Formal Submission began on Wednesday, February 24th, and will end on Wednesday, March 03rd.

Formally Submitted Proposals:
This list will be updated if additional proposals are submitted by Wednesday



Core Unit Proposals


  • The Governance Facilitator, @LongForWisdom, will perform a Submission Review this Thursday, January 7th. This determines which of the proposed MIPs and Subproposals are in accordance with guidelines defined in the MIP0 Framework and should be included in the inclusion poll.

Next Week (March 08 - March 12)


  • Inclusion Polls go live on Monday
    • Open March 8th, 4pm UTC to March 11th, 4pm UTC.
  • As a reminder, for Inclusion Polls to successfully pass, the Yes votes for a given option in the inclusion poll must be higher than the combination of No votes plus the Default Inclusion Threshold (DIT). The DIT is set to 3000 MKR.
    • Yes > (No + DIT) = Allows inclusion in the Monthly MIPs Governance Poll.


  • The Governance Facilitator,@LongForWisdom, will perform the Inclusion Poll Review during the weekly Governance and Risk Call and determine which proposals are eligible for the Monthly MIPs Governance Poll happening on Monday, March 15th.

MIPs Activity

Proposals in the Conception Stage


Proposals in the Request for Comments Stage


Declarations Of Intent


  • MIP4c2-SP11: MIP24 Amendments
    • Proposes edits to MIP24 that makes it compatible with the newly proposed Core Unit Operating Model MIP set. The main change included is to the Governance Facilitator Emergency Vote process, which directly deals with onboarding and offboarding Facilitators.
  • MIP4c2-SP7: MIP4 Amendments
    • Proposes changes to MIP4 that make new MIP amendments more flexible and allow for multiple amendments to be proposed as a single proposal if they are related.
  • MIP4c2-SP13: MIP0 Amendments
    • Integrates the concept of MIP Sets to MIP0.

Core Unit Subproposals

Pre-MIP Discussions

New Discussions!

Ongoing Discussions



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