Weekly MIPs Update #3

Last Week’s Activity


  • The Governance Facilitator submitted a Governance Poll for the Core Personnel Onboarding of @LongForWisdom to be added as Governance Facilitator. The poll passed successfully :white_check_mark:


  • The Governance Facilitator performed the Governance Poll Review as part of the governance meeting, in which the outcome of the Governance Poll was confirmed in preparation for the Executive Vote to be submitted on the following Monday.

This Week’s Activity


  • The Executive Vote to ratify @LongForWisdom as a Governance Facilitator went live on Monday.
  • The vote successfully passed on Thursday, officially onboarding LFW as the second governance facilitator :partying_face:
    • The subproposal can now be formally assigned the ‘Accepted’ status.
  • The first Community Greenlight Polls were published on Monday
    • The community greenlight polls will run for two weeks as of this past Monday, ending on June 8.
    • There is a total of 11 polls waiting to be voted on! :envelope_with_arrow:


  • The Governance Facilitator performed the Governance Cycle Review :white_check_mark:
  • During the review, I summarized and discussed the past Governance Cycle as well as the upcoming governance cycle and potential submissions for June.

Governance Cycle Recap (May)

Next Week’s Activity (The first Week of the 2nd Governance Cycle)


  • The first week of the second governance cycle begins on June 1. The formal submission period for June’s governance cycle is from June 1- June 4. This period is when MIPs/Subproposals in the RFC phase are proposed to enter the governance cycle :spiral_calendar:


  • The Governance Facilitators will do the Submission Review as part of the governance meeting and determine which of the proposed MIPs/Subproposals are in accordance with guidelines (defined in the MIP0 Framework) and should be included in the inclusion polls.

Collateral Onboarding Updates

  • Both the TUSD and USDC-B Governance polls passed this Thursday successfully :white_check_mark:
  • The Executive Vote to officially add both the USDC-B and TUSD collateral types to the Maker Protocol went live today. Go vote!
  • The community greenlight polls are currently in progress and will run for ~9 more days ending on Monday, June 8.
    • Lastly, since I got quite a few questions during the week regarding how the Community Greenlight Polls are scored, I wanted to go over it briefly in this update. The polls are scored as follows: :arrow_down:
      • Score = Yes Votes - No Votes
      • Score > 0 = Greenlit
      • Score < 0 = Deferred
    • Note that the Community Greenlight poll scores are used to provide a reasonable first approximation of which assets domain teams should prioritize. However, this prioritization is not binding on the domain teams. Domain teams are free to determine the order in which they perform domain greenlight and domain work.


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