Weekly MIPs Update #37

Weekly MIPs Update #37

Last Week | May 17 - 21


  • The Monthly MIPs Governance Poll passed with 14,067.16 MKR in favor, no abstaining or no votes.
  • May’s Community Greenlight Polls, linked below, went live on May 17th and are running for two weeks, ending May 31st. Don’t forget to vote!

Community Greenlight Polls:

Collateral MIP9 Poll MIP6 Application
CEL (Celsius Network Token) Vote Application
PA-DROP (PandaCredit DROP Token) Vote Application
SLP-SNX-ETH (Sushiswap SNX-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-UNI-ETH (Sushiswap UNI-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-YFI-ETH (Sushiswap YFI-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-AAVE-ETH (Sushiswap AAVE-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-COMP-ETH (Sushiswap COMP-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-ETH-USDT (Sushiswap ETH-USDT LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-LINK-ETH (Sushiswap LINK-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-USDC-ETH (Sushiswap USDC-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-WBTC-ETH (Sushiswap WBTC-ETH LP Token) Vote Application
SLP-SUSHI-ETH (Sushiswap SUSHI-ETH LP Token) Vote Application


  • The Governance Facilitator, @LongForWisdom, performed the Governance Poll Review during the weekly Governance Call, this reviews the outcome of the MIPs Governance Poll and confirms which MIPs and Subproposals are included in the final bundled Executive Vote on Monday, April 26th.
  • All the proposals and subproposals were confirmed to be included in the upcoming Executive Vote, these include:

This Week | May 24 - 28


  • Beginning of week four, the final week of the May governance cycle.
  • The Monthly MIPs Executive Vote goes live on Monday, May 24th at approximately 4pm UTC. The vote will be active for four days; if the Executive Vote does not pass before the four-day limit expires, all of the vote’s bundled proposals will effectively be rejected.


  • The Governance Facilitator, @LongForWisdom, will perform the Governance Cycle Review during the weekly Governance Call.

Next Week | May 31 - June 04

  • This is a gap-week before week one of the upcoming June cycle.
  • Only weekly governance cycle events will take place.

MIP Statuses

Visit the MIPs Portal for a more detailed view of MIP statuses

Proposals in the Request for Comments Stage



Pre-MIP Discussions


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