Weekly MIPs Update #4

This Week’s Activity (Begining of June’s Governance Cycle)

Monday (June 1)

  • Monday began the first week of the second governance cycle. The formal submission period for June’s governance cycle was from June 1 - June 3, when MIPs/Subproposals are Formally Submitted to enter the governance cycle and await the approval of the governance facilitators to proceed to the next stage of the governance cycle (Inclusion polls).

This month, nine proposals formally requested to enter the governance cycle:

Thursday (June 5)

  • During the weekly Governance and Risk Call, the Governance Facilitators (@rich.brown and @LongForWisdom) performed a Submission Review and determined which of the nine proposed MIPs/Subproposals should be included in inclusion polls next Monday.

The Proposals that will proceed to next week’s inclusion polls (7 total) are:

Note: The two MIP12 Subproposals to add KNC and ZRX were not formally accepted to enter the governance cycle due to some missing work requirements in the proposals. Note that the subproposals were declined as part of the MIPs process, but will instead use the weekly cycle until we can clean up and clarify the format for proposing MIP12 subproposals and figure out what exactly needs to be included in MIP12 subproposals going forward.

Next Week’s Activity

Monday (June 8)

  • The Inclusion polls will go out on Monday for the seven MIPs/Subproposals to determine if they should proceed to the Governance Polls in Week 3. The polls will officially end at noon (EST) on Thursday, June 11.
    • Reminder: Inclusion Polls occur when the governance community (MKR Holders) decides which proposals they want to proceed to the next step of the Governance Cycle. The Inclusion Polls allow MKR holders to have a significant impact early on in the Governance Cycle and serve as the threshold to necessitate the attention of a Governance Poll.
    • For an Inclusion poll to successfully pass, the yes votes must be greater than the Default Inclusion Threshold plus the no votes. The default inclusion threshold is set to 3000 MKR.

Thursday (June 11)

  • On Thursday, there will be an Inclusion Poll Review as a part of the Governance and Risk call, where the Governance Facilitators (with support from the community) will confirm the proposals that will be put up for Governance Polls on the following Monday (June 15).

In Other News

Collateral Onboarding Updates

MIPs Forum Updates

  • A New MIPs Forum Subcategory was added for Community members to discuss ideas for future Maker Improvement Proposals. The Proposal Ideas Category can be found here!
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