Weekly MIPs Update #41

Weekly MIPs Update #41

How’s the Vote Going?

We’re in the midst of a new monthly Governance Cycle with the first set of Ratification Polls currently live, ending on Monday, June 28th at 4 pm UTC. The table below includes the 9 proposals and their results as of 06/21/2021 6pm UTC:

Proposal Author Yes No Abstain
MIP54: DssVest - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @derek 6,437.25 MKR 0 0
MIP40c3-SP11: GovAlpha Core Unit Budget - GOV-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @longforwisdom 14,357.87 MKR 0 0
MIP41c4-SP12: GovAlpha Facilitator Onboarding, GOV-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @prose11 14,119.40 MKR 0 238.51 MKR
MIP39c2-SP13: Adding Oracles Core Unit, ORA-001- Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @nikkunkel 14,357.91 MKR 0 0
MIP40c3-SP15: Modify Oracles Core Unit Budget, ORA-001 - Forum Thread / Bundled in the same poll as the one above @nikkunkel ^ ^ ^
MIP41c4-SP13: Facilitator Onboarding Oracles Core Unit, ORA-001 - Forum Thread / Bundled in the same poll as the one above @nikkunkel ^ ^ ^
MIP40c3-SP12: Modify Core Unit Budget, RWF-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @sebventures 13,255.90 MKR 1,100.94 MKR 0
MIP40c3-SP13: Modify Core Unit Budget, RISK-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @primoz 14,431.68 MKR 0 0
MIP40c3-SP17: Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit MKR Budget, SES-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @juanjuan, @wouter 7,113.08 MKR 0.23 MKR 0.04 MKR

MIP54: DssVest and the SES MKR budget proposal still need a little push to reach the Minimum Positive Participation of 10,000 MKR.

Next Week’s Activity | June 28 - July 02

  • Ratification Polls will conclude on Monday, June 28th at 4pm UTC.
  • The Governance Facilitator, @LongForWisdom, will perform the monthly Governance Cycle Review during the weekly Governance Call on Thursday, July 1st.

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