Weekly MIPs Update #42

Weekly MIPs Update #42

Week 4 is Here!

The beginning of week 4 marks the closure of the Ratification Polls for June, which went live two weeks ago on Monday, June 14. All the proposals passed! Here’s the breakdown of the votes for each of them:

Proposal Author Yes No Abstain
MIP54: DssVest - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @derek 29,817.46 MKR 0 1.26 MKR
MIP40c3-SP11: GovAlpha Core Unit Budget - GOV-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @longforwisdom 37,459.03 MKR 0 1.26 MKR
MIP41c4-SP12: GovAlpha Facilitator Onboarding, GOV-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @prose11 37,443.59 MKR 0 16.74 MKR
MIP39c2-SP13: Adding Oracles Core Unit, ORA-001- Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @nikkunkel 38,413.80 MKR 0 1.24 MKR
MIP40c3-SP15: Modify Oracles Core Unit Budget, ORA-001 - Forum Thread / Bundled in the same poll as the one above @nikkunkel ^ ^ ^
MIP41c4-SP13: Facilitator Onboarding Oracles Core Unit, ORA-001 - Forum Thread / Bundled in the same poll as the one above @nikkunkel ^ ^ ^
MIP40c3-SP12: Modify Core Unit Budget, RWF-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @sebventures 36,092.32 MKR 1,100.94 MKR 2.33 MKR
MIP40c3-SP13: Modify Core Unit Budget, RISK-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @primoz 37,532.84 MKR 0 1.26 MKR
MIP40c3-SP17: Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit MKR Budget, SES-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @juanjuan, @wouter 32,900.36 MKR 51.36 MKR 0.24 MKR
  • Governance Facilitators @LongForWisdom and @prose11 (congratulations!) will perform the monthly Governance Cycle Review during the weekly Governance Call on Thursday, July 1st.
  • @Davidutro will be delivering the usual Weekly MIPs Update on that same call.

Next Week’s Activity | July 05 - July 09

Next week is week 1 again already–so it’s Formal Submission week!

  • MIP Editors will be getting in touch with the authors of proposals eligible for Formal Submission and ask them if they want to formally submit their proposals for the July Ratification Polls.
  • Expect a MIP Submission Review on Thursday, July 08th’s Governance Call.

MIP Statuses

Visit the MIPs Portal for a more detailed view of MIP statuses

Proposals in the Request for Comments Stage



Subproposal Author
MIP39c2-SP14: Add Strategic Marcomms Core Unit @Kathleen
MIP40c2-SP18: Add Core Unit Budget, CPM-001 @Kathleen
MIP41c4-SP15: Facilitator Onboarding, CPM-001 @Kathleen
MIP39c2-SP12: Adding Collateral Onboarding Core Unit @monkey.irish
MIP40c3-SP16: Modify Collateral Onboarding Core Unit Budget @monkey.irish
MIP41c4-SP14: Facilitator Onboarding, Collateral Onboarding Core Unit @monkey.irish
MIP39c2-SP8: Governance Communications Core Unit, COM-001 (updated 5/26/21) @Davidutro
MIP40c3-SP8: Modify Core Unit Budget, COM-001 @Davidutro
MIP41c4-SP8: Facilitator Onboarding, COM-001 @Davidutro
MIP39c2-SP11: Strategic Happiness Core Unit @aburban90
MIP40c3-SP16: The Strategic Happiness Core Unit Budget, SH-001 @aburban90
MIP41c4-SP11: Shitpost Facilitator Onboarding, Strategic Happiness Core Unit, SH-001 @aburban90
MIP40c3-SP19: Growth Core Unit Budget, GRO-001 @Nadia
MIP40c3-SP21: Modify Core Unit Budget - MKT-001 @seth
MIP39c2-SP15: Adding AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 @Mitchell_AmaZix
MIP40c3-SP20: Adding Budget to AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 @Mitchell_AmaZix
MIP41c4-SP16: Facilitator Onboarding For The AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 @Mitchell_AmaZix
MIP13c3-SP9: Onboarding a new collateral type backed by B.Protocol (Declaration of Intent) yaronvel
MIP4c2-SP11: MIP24 Amendments @juanjuan
MIP39c2-SP16: Adding Maker Portfolio Core Unit - MPCU-001 @PaperImperium
MIP41c4-SP17: Facilitator Onboarding, Maker Portfolio Core Unit @PaperImperium
MIP40c3-SP22: Modify Maker Portfolio Core Unit Budget @PaperImperium

Pre-MIP Discussions


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