Weekly MIPs Update #43

Weekly MIPs Update #43

Week 1 — It’s Formal Submission Week! | July 05 - July 09

The first Monday of the month is here, which means it’s time for July’s Formal Submissions!

The following proposals have fulfilled the Feedback Period and Frozen Period requirements, and are therefore eligible for Formal Submission:

Proposal Author
MIP39c2-SP11: Strategic Happiness Core Unit @aburban90
MIP40c3-SP16: The Strategic Happiness Core Unit Budget, SH-001 @aburban90
MIP41c4-SP11: Shitpost Facilitator Onboarding, Strategic Happiness Core Unit, SH-001 @aburban90
MIP55: Special Purpose Fund (SPF ) @amyjung
MIP52: Dispute Resolution @g_dip
MIP39c2-SP14: Add Strategic Marcomms Core Unit @Kathleen
MIP40c2-SP18: Add Core Unit Budget, CPM-001 @Kathleen
MIP41c4-SP15: Facilitator Onboarding, CPM-001 @Kathleen
MIP39c2-SP15: Adding AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 @Mitchel_AmaZix
MIP40c3-SP20: Adding Budget to AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 @Mitchel_AmaZix
MIP41c4-SP16: Facilitator Onboarding For The AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 @Mitchel_AmaZix
MIP39c2-SP12: Adding Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit @monkey.irish
MIP40c3-SP14: Modify Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit Budget @monkey.irish
MIP41c4-SP14: Facilitator Onboarding, Collateral Onboarding Core Unit @monkey.irish
MIP40c3-SP19: Growth Core Unit Budget, GRO-001 @Nadia
MIP40c3-SP21: Modify Core Unit Budget - MKT-001 @seth
  • As I type this, MIP Editors are getting in touch with these authors.
  • There will be a MIP Submission Review on Thursday, July 08th’s Governance Call.
  • @Davidutro will be performing the usual Weekly MIPs Update on that same call.

Next Week’s Activity | July 12 - July 16

  • Ratification Polls will be going live on Monday and will remain open until Monday, July 26.
  • Next week’s MIPs Update will include the full list of Formal Submissions and any interesting supplemental details.

MIP Statuses

Visit the MIPs Portal for a more detailed view of MIP statuses

Proposals in the Request for Comments Stage

Keep in mind that the information below is subject to change as we contact authors in relation to advancing to Formal Submission.



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