Weekly MIPs Update #45

Weekly MIPs Update #45

How’s The Vote Going?

  • Happy Monday, everyone. Today’s the beginning of July’s second voting week for Ratification Polls.
  • Here’s the current state of the votes as of July 19, 16:03 UTC.
Proposal Author Yes No Abstain
MIP55: Special Purpose Fund (SPF) - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @amyjung 17,313.53 MKR 0 551.37 MKR
MIP52: Dispute Resolution - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @g_dip 15,537.29 MKR 0 2,253.62 MKR
MIP40c3-SP19: Growth Core Unit Budget, GRO-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @nadia 17,554.91 MKR 0 271.99 MKR
MIP40c3-SP21: Modify Core Unit Budget - MKT-001 - Forum Thread / Ratification Poll @seth 17,345.40 MKR 9.41 MKR 157.09 MKR
  • MIP39c2-SP8: Governance Communications Core Unit, COM-001
  • MIP40c3-SP8: Modify Core Unit Budget, COM-001
  • MIP41c4-SP8: Facilitator Onboarding, COM-001 -
  • Forum Threads / Ratification Poll
@davidutro 9,568.25 MKR 4.25 MKR 0
  • MIP39c2-SP14: Add Strategic Marcomms Core Unit
  • MIP40c2-SP18: Add Core Unit Budget, CPM-001
  • MIP41c4-SP15:MIP41c4-SP15: Facilitator Onboarding, CPM-001 -
  • Forum Threads / Ratification Poll
@kathleen 7,586.98 MKR 10,065.89 MKR 200.04 MKR
  • MIP39c2-SP15: Adding AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001
  • MIP40c3-SP20: Adding Budget to AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001
  • MIP41c4-SP16: Facilitator Onboarding For The AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001 -
  • Forum Threads / Ratification Poll
@Mitchell_AmaZix 43.04 MKR 17,783.82 MKR 0.04 MKR
  • MIP39c2-SP12: Adding Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit
  • MIP40c3-SP14: Modify Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit Budget
  • MIP41c4-SP14: Facilitator Onboarding, Collateral Onboarding Core Unit -
  • Forum Threads / Ratification Poll
@monkey.irish 1,276.82 MKR 16,519.83 MKR 14.75 MKR
  • While its yes votes far outweigh its no votes, the Core Unit proposal for GovComms still needs a little push to reach the minimum positive participation of 10,000 MKR.
  • For the other Core Unit Proposals (Strategic Marcomms, AmaZix, Collateral Onboarding), the no votes are prevailing.
  • @Davidutro will be presenting the Weekly MIPs Update as part of the Governance and Risk call on Thursday 22.

Next Week’s Activity | July 26 - July 30

  • Ratification Polls close on Monday 26, 04:00 PM UTC!
  • Expect a new Weekly MIPs Update on Monday and a midweek review on the G&R Call on Thursday 29.

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