Weekly MIPs Update #5

Last Week’s Activity (June 8 -12)


  • The seven Inclusion Polls went out on Monday, June 8, and ended on Thursday, June 11, at noon EST.


  • The Governance Facilitators performed the Inclusion Poll Review for the seven polls. They confirmed which of the proposals can be included in the Governance Poll next Monday. All of the proposals, except MIP14: Protocol DAI Transfer, were confirmed to move to Monday’s Governance Poll.
    • Note that MIP14 may be reintroduced to the community for another vote once the issues that resulted in its initial rejection have been addressed. If you have any feedback regarding MIP14, such as suggested improvements or arguments against, please comment on the forum post with your reasoning so that the Author can work to resolve them.

This Week’s Activity (June 15-19)


  • Tomorrow, the Governance Poll will be published for the proposals that passed the Inclusion poll stage. The poll will run for three days ending on Thursday, June 18, at noon EST.
    • To reiterate the purpose of the Governance Poll, it is to determine if the proposals at hand should proceed to the final Executive Vote in Week 4 of the Governance Cycle, ultimately determining if they should become officially ratified or rejected.

The Proposals that will proceed to the Governance Poll on Monday, June 15 are:


  • This Thursday (June 18), the Governance Facilitators will perform the Governance Poll Review as part of the governance meeting and confirm the governance outcomes of the poll in preparation for Week 4’s Executive vote.

In Other News

Collateral Onboarding Updates

  • @Mariano_Conti and members of the TUSD team spoke towards the TUSD Token Upgrades - video.
  • Two Governance Polls for onboarding the KNC and ZRX collateral types to the Maker Protocol will go out on Monday, June 15, as a part of the Weekly Cycle. The Governance Polls will determine if the collateral types should proceed to an Executive vote on Friday, June 26 ultimately determining if they will be officially added to the Maker Protocol.
  • The May 25 Community Greenlight polls have concluded, and the Collateral Status Index has been updated to reflect which of the collateral types have been greenlit.
  • The next Community Greenlight polls will go out on June 22 in the final week of June’s governance cycle.
    • Note: If the amendments MIPs (more specifically, MIP4c2-SP3: MIP9 Amendments) pass at the end of the month, the Community Greenlight Polls will start on the 3rd Monday of the month and will run for two full weeks. This change allows the Community Greenlight Polls to conclude at the end of the governance cycle instead of carrying over to the following month’s cycle.

A New ‘Proposal Ideas’ Post Was Submitted

  • A “pre-MIP” discussion started last Wednesday regarding a redesign of the Maker Protocol’s liquidation system. The main goal of this “pre-MIP” forum post is to introduce a proposed solution for a liquidation system redesign and gather feedback in preparation for the creation of a formal Maker Improvement Proposal (MIP), which will contain more implementation details. I encourage all community members to take a look and provide feedback when you have the time.

A New MIPs Forum Subcategory Added

  • Polls and Votes

    • This read-only category will be dedicated to providing more awareness and notification of what is going in terms of voting during the current governance cycle. It will offer a go-to place to find the active Inclusion polls, Governance polls, or Executives Votes that are related to MIPs.
    • Note: The category was just created and is currently empty, but I will be updating it for the Governance Poll tomorrow.



It could be good to get this cross-posted to reddit, and perhaps elsewhere. Might be something @scottrepreneur and/or the communications team can look into, as I know he has a bot that cross-posts governance at a glance updates for me.


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