Weekly MIPs Update #50

Weekly MIPs Update #50

August Governance Cycle, Week 4: And the Accepted Status Award goes to…!

The Ratification Polls for August just closed and these are the results:

All Ratification Polls have passed. Welcome, DAIF-001! :heart:

Remember that we will have a mid-week MIPs Update on the Governance and Risk call on Thursday.

We haven’t had any new additions to the proposals in RFC since last week—but have you already done your part and left feedback on the ones already there? Mmm? Have you? If you haven’t, please keep scrolling down :arrow_double_down:

Next Week’s a Gap Week | August 30 - September 3

Next week’s a a gap week, so there’s no roadmap for it :man-shrugging: The possibilities are endless! :surfer:

I will keep you in the loop via the Weekly MIPs Update posted on Monday and the mid-week catch-up on Thursday during the G&R Call.

oh btw

  • If you haven’t checked the MIPs Portal lately, please do and leave some feedback. What would you like to see there? What would you change?
  • If you’re confused about the dates for the Feedback Period, the Frozen Period, and/or the Formal Submission, please check this soon-to-be-upgraded forum post. If it doesn’t help, send me a message or post a reply here.

Proposals in RFC


Core Unit Proposal Sets



Pre-MIP Discussions


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