Weekly MIPs Update #51

Weekly MIPs Update #51

August-September Gap Week

We’re currently going through a gap week, which means there are no events planned for this week.

However, since idle hands are the devil’s tools, let’s do a quick review of where we’re standing right now regarding proposals.

That’s right. We don’t mind the gap here. For if you gaze into the gap, the gap also gazes into you. And you don’t want that.

Proposals in RFC


Proposal Author Can make it into September’s Cycle
MIP59: DssCharter
Forum | MIPs Portal
@talbaneth :x:
MIP58: RWA Foundations
Forum | MIPs Portal
@sebventures :heavy_check_mark:
MIP57: RWA Committee
Forum | MIPs Portal
@g_dip :heavy_check_mark:
MIP56: Alternative MKR Compensation Guidelines
Forum | MIPs Portal
@aes :heavy_check_mark:

Core Unit Proposal Sets

Core Unit Author Can make it into September’s Cycle
Development and UX - DUX-001
Forum | MIPs Portal
@bainpm :heavy_check_mark:
Maker Portfolio - MPCU-001
Forum | MIPs Portal
@PaperImperium :heavy_check_mark:
Strategic Happiness - SH-001
Forum | MIPs Portal
@aburban90 :heavy_check_mark:
StarkNet Engineering - SNE-001
Forum | MIPs Portal
@louismerkle :heavy_check_mark:
Collateral Engineering Services
Forum | MIPs Portal
@monkey.irish :heavy_check_mark:
MIP39c2-SPXX: Adding MakerLabs Core Unit
@ultraschuppi :x:


Proposal Author Can make it into September’s Cycle
MIP40c3-SP31: Modify Core Unit Budget - Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling (SES-001)
Forum | MIPs Portal
@juan :heavy_check_mark:
MIP40c3-SP25: Risk Core Unit MKR Compensation (RISK-001)
Forum | MIPs Portal
@Primoz :heavy_check_mark:
[MIP40c3-SP29: GovAlpha Core Unit Budget Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 - GOV-001]
Forum | MIPs Portal
@prose11 :heavy_check_mark:

Remember that we will have a mid-week MIPs Update on the Governance and Risk call on Thursday.

:loudspeaker: Attention, authors whose proposals are eligible for Formal Submission into September’s Governance Cyle this header is way too long sorry

  • The latest date for changes is September 1st (EOD UTC)! What’s thawed past this point won’t be able to enter September’s Governance Cycle, so try to keep it frozen :skull_and_crossbones:
  • Formal Submission Window opens on September 6th and runs through Wednesday 8th.

Next Week’s is September’s Governance Cycle Week 1 | September 6 - September 10

The Formal Submission Window for September opens on Monday 6th. I’ll be reaching out to authors of eligible proposals and inquiring whether it is their desire formally to submit or whether they would rather stay in the warm, nurting RFC stage :pregnant_woman:

oh btw

  • If you haven’t checked the MIPs Portal lately, please do and leave some feedback. What would you like to see there? What would you change?
  • If you’re confused about the dates for the Feedback Period, the Frozen Period, and/or the Formal Submission, please check this soon-to-be-upgraded forum post. If that doesn’t help, send me a message or post a reply here.

Proposals in RFC

Those already mentioned above!

Pre-MIP Discussions


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