Weekly MIPs Update #6

Last Week’s Activity (June 15-19)

Monday (June 15)

Note: All the Whitelisting Oracles and New Light Feed proposals that passed the governance poll stage will likely be confirmed in the Executive Vote on June 26 (earliest date).

Thursday (June 18)

This Week’s Activity (June 22-26)

Monday (June 22)

  • Today, the Executive Vote to officially ratify the six proposals will be published.
    • The vote will have an expiration of 4 days, after which it has no effect.
    • Note that proposals only move to the ‘Accepted’ status if the executive vote they are included in passes within the 4-day limit. If the executive vote fails to pass within the 4-day deadline, the proposals will have their status changed to ‘Rejected.’

Thursday (June 25)

  • The Governance Facilitators will perform the Governance Cycle Review as part of the governance and risk meeting, in which they summarize and discuss the past Governance Cycle with the community. This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss the upcoming governance cycle and potential submissions for the next governance cycle.

Note about July’s Governance Cycle:

  • Even though the next governance cycle is a few weeks away, I want to note that the formal submission period is July 8. If you have any proposals in progress, submitting them for review sooner rather than later is a good idea!

In Other News

Collateral Onboarding

  • The two governance polls to onboard KNC and ZRX have successfully passed. They will proceed to an Executive vote at the end of the week, on Friday, June 26.
  • Today, the new Community Greenlight polls will go out. This month’s Community Greenlight Polls are for:

Note that if the amendments MIPs pass at the end of this month, the Community Greenlight polls will start on the 3rd week of the governance cycle ending at the end of the governance cycle instead of carrying over to the following month.

MIPs Forum Subcategories Updates

Proposal Ideas

This category is for community members to post and discuss any proposal ideas to improve the Maker Protocol and Maker Governance System.

Polls and Votes

  • This read-only category will be dedicated to providing more awareness/notification of what is going on during the governance cycle in terms of voting. It provides a go-to place to see the active Inclusion polls, Governance polls, and Executive Votes related to MIPs.


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