Weekly MIPs Update #61

Weekly MIPs Update #61

Ratification Polls are up :ballot_box_with_ballot:

I think I regret this image :arrow_up:

RFC and FS Dates for reference and for existing proposals can be seen here.

The Ratification Polls for the November Governance Cycle are now up.

Ratification Poll Extract Author
Immunefi Security Core Unit “The overall goal of the Immunefi Security CU is to secure the Maker ecosystem through multiple angles by leveraging its existing and growing security community and expertise. This involves dedicated services to the Maker ecosystem, effectively establishing a security partnership with the DAO”. @travinimmunefi, @psychonaut
Sidestream Auction Services Core Unit “Improve security, transparency and accessibility of the Maker Protocol by providing and maintaining auction services through open-source development”. @danik
Deco Fixed-Rate Core Unit :repeat:
“The Deco protocol, in collaboration with MakerDAO, can offer fixed-rate vaults to Maker vault users. The vault itself remains fully independent, and within the Maker Protocol. Fixed rate token issuance on Deco is controlled and maintained by Maker governance, allowing MakerDAO to control the fixed rates without relying on external governance”. @vamsi
MIP40c3-SP33: Modify Core Unit Budget - Content Production (MKT-001) :repeat:
“MIP40c3-SP33 adds the budget for Core Unit MKT-001: Content Production for December 2021 through May 2022. We are requesting a 6-month budget allocation of 424,944 DAI”. @seth
MIP40c3-SP40: Modify Core Unit Budget, COM-001 “This budget modification adjusts the team’s budget figures, extends our funding through to the end of 06/22, and updates the budget implementation to accurately reflect the current setup. The annual budget figure has changed from $486,000 to $515,000”. @Davidutro
MIP40c3-SP38: Real-World Finance Core Unit MKR Compensation (RWF-001) “This proposal contains the MKR Compensation budget for the Core Unit RWF-001: Real-World Finance. It provides an average of 80 MKR per FTE per year over 3 years with a 1 year cliff”. @SebVentures
MIP40c3-SP39: Modify Core Unit Budget, RWF-001 “MIP40c3-SP39 extends the budget for the Real-World Finance Core Unit defined in MIP40c3-SP12 2 in 2022”. @SebVentures
MIP6c3-SP1: (RWA Only) Supplement to Collateral Onboarding Application “This proposal to supplement the MIP6 application for RWA only is intended to enhance the onboarding applications and facilitate the onboarding process”. @christiancdpetersen

These Ratification Polls will run until Monday, November 22.

Corrigendum: On the 11-04 G&R Call I announced* MIP55c3-SP01: Adding Special Purpose Fund for Feasibility Study for Securitisation Framework in Singapore as one of the November Formal Submissions, and you may have noticed that there’s no Ratification Poll for it. The reason for this is that the proposal is incomplete. We believed at that point that the missing, not-quite-of-the-essence-but-still-necessary bits would be filled in in time, but sadly that was not the case :frowning:

* /spɪʒɫ pɐɾps fant/ what?

Things to Come

There will be no Governance Cycle on December. The next Formal Submission Window will open on January 3rd—56 days from now.

Proposals in RFC

Proposal Extract Author
MIP41c5-SP2: Facilitator Offboarding (RWF-001) “This subproposal is to offboard the current Facilitator [Sébastien Derivaux] of the Real-World Finance Core Unit”. @rune
MIP41c4-SP27: Facilitator Onboarding (RWF-001) “[Rune] approached Will Remor and asked if he was willing to take on the role of Acting Facilitator to oversee the decentralization of the RWA Core Units”. @rune
Pairwyse Fixed-Rate Core Unit (MIP39c2) “The Pairwyse Foundation has implemented an out-of-box solution and deployed a product for the provision of fixed-rate DAI loans of arbitrary term-length via the Pairwyse protocol built atop Maker’s credit and deposit facilities”. @Akiva
MIP61: Delegate Compensation “This proposal describes how Recognized Delegates will be compensated”. @psychonaut

oh btw

  • If you have an idea for a proposal and have no idea how to go about making it into a Maker Improvement Proposal, this may be useful.
  • If you’re confused about the dates for the Feedback Period, the Frozen Period, and/or the Formal Submission, please check this forum post. If that doesn’t help, send me a message or post a reply here.

Pre-MIP Discussions


Yea that image lol, a little jarring.

Loving how personal it feels to read through these. You add so much of your personality to the style of this publication, I really enjoy that! Also good work on the callouts, emphasis, and notices about things that don’t line up with expectations (the Singapore SPF, for example.)

Thanks for the update!

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Thank you, David :heart:

Looks a bit like the “evil X be like” meme * shudders *

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