Weekly MIPs Update #69

Weekly MIPs Update #69

January Proposals Are Up for Voting!

:calendar: — RFC and FS Dates for reference and for existing proposals can be seen here.

Ratification polls for the January Governance Cycle are now entering the first week of the voting. These are the elegible proposals for January:

Ratification Poll Extract Author
MIP62: Collateral Offboarding Process “This proposal describes how to notify users of Maker vaults of collateral offboarding”. @gfxlabs
MIP63: Maker Keeper Network “Maker Keeper Network is a unified repository to coordinate between multiple third-party Keeper Networks”. @hexonaut
Strategic Finance Core Unit (SF-001) Proposal Set “Provide financial reporting and analysis to assist the DAO in evaluating the financial health of the protocol to enable strategic decision making and allocate capital more effectively”. @aes
TechOps Core Unit (TECH-001) Proposal Set “The TechOps Core Unit will handle system administration and technical support needs of Maker Protocol and its Core Units. TOCU-001 will strive to improve communication and collaboration between the developers, end users, and other stakeholders by applying DevOps principles to software delivery and first-class technical support”. @simonkp, @dumitru
DUX-001 Budget “MIP40c3-SP52 modifies the DAI budget implementation for Core Unit DUX-001: Development and UX, replacing MIP40c3-SP26”. @wouter
MKT-001 Budget Removal and MKT-001 Facilitator Offboarding “MIP40c3-SP49 removes all and any active budgets for the Content Production Core Unit—Dai or MKR”.

“MIP41c5-SP3 offboards the current Facilitator of the Content Production Core Unit (MKT-001)”.
ORA-001 Gas Costs Budget “MIP40c3-SP45 appends Maker Oracle gas costs to the Oracle Core Unit ORA-001 budget for August 1 2021 through end of March 2022”. @nikkunkel
RWF-001 Facilitator Onboarding (Will Remor) “As MakerDAO enters a new phase were rapid scalability of the RWA pipelines that have been built up over the past year becomes possible, I believe it is crucial that the RWA Core Unit is improved and decentralized into multiple Core Units, and I believe as the oldest RWA contributor in the MakerDAO ecosystem Will Remor is the right person to take the role of Acting Facilitator and oversee the decentralization process”. @rune
SES-001 Budget “MIP40c3-SP55 modifies the Dai budget implementation for Core Unit SES-001: Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling, replacing MIP40c3-SP31”. @wouter
SNE-001 Budget for Phase II “After delivering the StarkNet bridge, the StarkNet Engineering Core Unit is requesting a budget extension of $464,792 to build L2->L1 fast withdrawals and the L2<>L2 teleportation as per the Protocol Engineering (PE-001) Wormhole design.” @louismerkle
MIP64: Bug Bounty Program for MakerDAO Critical Infrastructure “IS-001 will orient its growing community of security researchers on the Immunefi bug bounty platform towards the Maker ecosystem. Leveraging its expertise with bug bounty programs across the cryptocurrency space, especially the DeFi ecosystem, the IS-001 will create and propose a bug bounty program to economically incentivize further investigation of the code”. @travinimmunefi

All Ratification Polls will run until Monday, January 24.

Things to Come :crystal_ball:

  • Wednesday 12 is the latest posting date for proposals whose Feedback Period is 28 days (all MIPs, most common subproposals. If in doubt, drop me a line).
  • The next Formal Submission Window will open on Monday, February 7. Have your proposals ready!

oh btw

  • Find yourself wanting to author a proposal? You might find this useful.
  • If the calendar seem confusing to you, please check this post with all the upcoming dates for 2022!
  • Huge thank you to @Sebix and @Gala for putting this MIPs update together!

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