Weekly MIPs Update #8

Last Week’s Activity (July )



  • The Governance Facilitators (@rich.brown and @LongForWisdom) performed the Submission Review to determine which of the seven formally submitted MIPs/Subproposals should be put forth for Inclusion Polls on Monday, July 13. It was determined that all of the seven proposals would go through to the Inclusion Poll stage.

This Week’s Activity (July )


  • Inclusion Polls for the seven MIPs/SPs that have been formally submitted will be proposed on Monday, July 13, and will run until July 16 at noon EST.


  • During the weekly Governance and Risk Call, the Governance Facilitators will perform the Inclusion Poll Review and determine which of the seven proposed MIPs/Subproposals should be included in the Governance Poll the following Monday (July 20).

Other News

Collateral Onboarding

  • This month we have MANA and LEND going through Governance
    • MANA will go through the Monthly Cycle
    • LEND will go through the Weekly Cycle
      • LEND will use the Weekly Cycle due to an issue with MIP12 requirements that will be fixed with this month’s MIP12 Amendment.
  • The next Community Greenlight Polls will go live on Monday, July 20 (third week of the Governance Cycle) and will contain the following collateral types:
    • [PAX]
    • [WiV]
    • [EURS]
    • [LRC]
    • [renBTC]
    • [AMPL]
    • [HUSD]
    • [USDT]
    • [C20]
    • [BNT]
    • [COMP]

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