Weekly MIPs Update #9

Last Week’s Activity (July 13 - 17)


  • The Inclusion Polls for the seven MIPs/SPs were proposed and ended on Thursday at noon EDT.
  • All Inclusion Polls passed except the for the MIP12 Amendments / MIP17 proposals.
    • Both of these proposals may be reintroduced to the community for another vote once the issues that resulted in its initial rejection have been addressed.


This Week’s Activity (July 20 - 24)


  • Today, the Monthly MIPs Governance Poll will be published for the five proposals that passed the Inclusion poll stage. The poll will run for three days ending on Thursday, July 23, at noon EDT.


  • The Governance Facilitators will perform the Governance Poll Review as part of the governance meeting and confirm the poll’s outcomes in preparation for Week 4’s MIPs Executive Vote that will occur on Monday, July 27.

Other News

Collateral Onboarding

  • This month we have MANA and LEND going through Governance
    • MANA is using the Monthly Cycle and is proceeding to the Monthly MIPs Governance poll today.
    • LEND to use the Weekly Cycle and is predicted to be proposed in the 4th week of July’s Governance Cycle.
  • This month’s Collateral Onboarding Community Greenlight Polls will go live today as well (Monday July 20th) and will run for two weeks. The Community Greenlight Polls are for the following collateral types:

MIPs Recent Activity

  • MIP20: Target Price Adjustment Module (in RFC)
    • In short, this proposal defines a process for adjusting DAI’s target price according to a governance-defined rate, allowing the institution of negative effective interest rates.
  • MIP13c3-SP1: Declaration of Intent for Forward Guidance (in RFC)
    • In short, this proposal aims to help Vault users hedge their exposure to the base rate via various derivative contracts.

TUSD Update



Great summary. Now I’m on track to follow developments. It was hard to get situated with all the different things going on but this is pretty good! Would love to have a dedicated dashboard with this info and statuses but this is good for now.


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