Weekly Relay: Dec 14, 2021 - Jan 3, 2022

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Real-World Finance forecasts 157.8 million in revenue for MakerDAO in 2022

@Aes of the Real-World Finance Core Unit provides a forecast of MakerDAO’s 2021 and rolling 12-month revenue based on the prior average over three months of trading fees, six months of liquidations, and current stability fees.

“We are forecasting to finish 2021 at nearly 13x 2020 FY revenue, the rolling 12-month forecast is even more favorable due to an increase in ETH-A and W-BTC SF rates - if the current market remains stable, we would expect ?$157.8M in revenue next year.”

Sidestream Auction Services launches Twitter bot to provide auction alerts

The Sidestream Auction Services Core Unit released Unified Auctions UI v0.4.0 over the holiday break, a Twitter bot that Tweets whenever a new auction is kicked off and provides a link to participate in the auction.

If you are interested in staying up-to-date on collateral auctions, give it a follow!

Twitter: @MakerDAO_SAS

Signal Request proposes increasing Dust parameter on several vaults

@monet-supply is proposing to increase the Dust parameter on several vault types. The proposal is to increase:


If you are not familiar, the Dust parameter refers to the minimum number of Dai that can be minted using a particular vault type.

The poll runs through Thursday, January 6th, 2022, so get your votes in ASAP!

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Weekly MIPs Update #68

  • January’s Formal Submission Window is Now Open
  • The Formal Submission Window is now open and will remain so until and including Wednesday. Proposals that have fulfilled their 28-day Feedback Period and 7-day Frozen Period can be formally submitted into January’s Governance Cycle.
  • @blimpa will be reaching out to authors of eligible proposals to learn who is formally submitting them. Alternatively, authors can reply in the thread of the relevant proposal that they are formally submitting.

Active Executive Votes

Due to the Holiday season, there is currently no active executive vote.

  • The next executive vote will go live on Friday, January 7th, 2022.

Active Governance Polls

Due to the Holiday season, there are currently no active governance polls.

  • Check out the active signal requests (below) for more information on potential upcoming governance polls.

Community Greenlight Polls

  • Due to the Holiday season, there is no new community greenlight polls.

Check out an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the current Vault types and their parameters on MakerBurn

Active Signal Requests

Adjusting Dust Parameter - LP Token Vaults (2021-5) - Signal ends January 6th, 2022 - @monet-supply proposes changes to the dust parameter of LP token vaults; He asks the community whether they support increasing the dust parameter for the UNIV2DAIETH-A, UNIV2USDCETH-A, and UNIV2WBTCDAI-A to 60,000 DAI and whether they support increasing the dust parameter for the UNIV2WBTCETH-A and UNIV2UNIETH-A vaults to 25,000 DAI.

Maker Accessing Pools of Institutional Loans Through Maple Finance - Signal ends January 7th, 2022 - Maple protocol in consultation with @Growth-Core-Unit and @Real-World-Finance is signaling to onboard a D3M for the creation of a Maple DAI pool. @lucas-manuel asks the community whether Maker should onboard a Maple Finance D3M. His post provides an overview of the proposal’s pros, cons, and risk mitigation.

Should MakerDAO Assist in recovering DAI locked on Optimism Escrow? - Signal ends January 7th, 2022 - As lost funds continue to become a recurring issue for Dai users, @lost_some_dai presents a case where a user accidentally called the burn function on DAI.sol on Optimism, burning 10,000,000 DAI. He asks the community whether an executive should manually pull the burnt 10 Million DAI from the Optimism escrow via an executive vote.

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Maker Relay Updates

As you may have noticed, the Maker Relay has now become the Weekly Relay, which contains some changes and improvements:

  • New title no longer contains an issue number. All Weekly Relays will now be determined by the dates covered for that week.
  • Team Updates are no longer part of the Weekly Relay. There is now an individual monthly review of all Core Unit updates posted on the forum.
  • State of Dai is no longer part of the Weekly Relay. It has been separated into its own issue, giving it potential growth and new ideas.
  • Issue title images have been updated to support these changes!

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