Weekly Relay: January 4 - 10, 2022

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Volatility in markets ramps up liquidations

The recent drop in the cryptocurrency market has left several vaults undercollateralized, kicking off dozens of liquidations over the last two weeks.

To participate in auctions, check out MakerDAO’s Auction Portal from the SideStream Auction Services Core Unit, and please see MakerBurn for more information on individual auctions.

New Silver shares bright outlook for 2022

@prankstr25 recently posted an update from New Silver on their efforts to onboard Real-World Assets to the Maker Protocol.

In December, New Silver received 247 applications and closed on 16 loans. Those loans represent $3.7 million in volume at an average interest rate of 8.7% over 12 months.

New Silver’s debt ceiling stands at 20 million Dai, of which 10.7 million has been used.

21 new polls up for vote!

Twenty-one new polls are going up for a vote this week. Five of the polls end on January 13, and the other sixteen last until January 24.

The polls cover a wide variety of proposals, including Community Greenlight polls for new collateral types, Ratification polls for new Core Units, and changes to a variety of system parameters.

Please head over to MakerDAO’s Voting Portal to read the polls and cast your vote.

Discussion on the use of stablecoin treasury resurfaces with new proposals

@GWintery starts a new discussion on Utilizing USDC in the PSM just days after @GFXlabs published a pair of proposals to onboard US Treasuries as collateral (12-months and 2-10 years).

MakerDAO currently holds over 3.5 billion USDC, 499 million USDP, and 4.9 million GUSD in reserve, thanks to MakerDAO’s Peg Stability Modules (PSM).

@GWintery’s discussion brings up several ways the funds could be used, while the proposal from @GFXlabs would use the funds to purchase US Treasury obligations.

:ballot_box: This Week in Governance


Weekly MIPs Update #69

:calendar: — RFC and FS Dates for reference and existing proposals can be seen here.

  • Ratification polls for the January Governance Cycle are now entering the first week of the voting. These are the eligible proposals for January:

Active Executive Votes

There is currently no active executive vote. The next executive vote will go live Friday, January 14, 2022.

Active Governance Polls

Poll Name Vote Discussion
Prioritize Onboarding a Compound DAI Direct Deposit Module (D3M) Vote Discussion
Raise the Emergency Shutdown Module (ESM) Threshold Vote Discussion
Prioritize DAI Direct Deposit Module (D3M) for Maple Finance Vote Discussion
Increase the Dust Parameter for Select LP Token Vaults Vote Discussion
Proposal - Recover DAI Locked in Optimism Escrow Vote Discussion

Ratification Polls

Poll Name Vote Discussion
Collateral Offboarding Process (MIP62) Vote Discussion
Bug Bounty Program for MakerDAO Critical Infrastructure (MIP64) Vote Discussion
Maker Keeper Network (MIP63) Vote Discussion
Offboarding Content Production Core Unit Vote Discussion
Facilitator Onboarding for RWF-001 Vote Discussion
Onboarding Tech-Ops Core Unit (TECH-001) Vote Discussion
Onboarding Strategic Finance Core Unit (SF-001) Vote Discussion
Development & UX Core Unit Budget - DUX-001 Vote Discussion
Core Unit Budget, SNE-001 Vote Discussion
Modify Core Unit Budget, ORA-001 (Oracle Gas Costs) Vote Discussion
Modify Core Unit Budget - Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling (SES-001) Vote Discussion

Community Greenlight Polls

Collateral MIP9 Poll MIP6 Application
OGN (Origin Protocol) Ends 1/24 4PM UTC Application
OUSD (Origin Dollar) Ends 1/24 4PM UTC Application
RBLD (Robinland Holdings) Ends 1/24 4PM UTC Application
TUSD-PSM (TrueUSD) Ends 1/24 4PM UTC Application
USDap (BondAppetit) Ends 1/24 4PM UTC Application

Check out an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the current Vault types and their parameters on MakerBurn

Active Signal Requests

There are currently no active signal requests.

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