What Happens If This Forum or MakerDAO.com In General Is Attacked/Disabled?

Fairly straightforward. I searched but couldn’t find a post addressing this:

How does governance continue uninterrupted if something happens to this forum? Do we all just show up at Reddit or Rocket Chat to communicate? Do we all get an NFT sent to wallets with MKR that says, “Hey, get on this secret Zoom call. Here’s the PW”? Mostly, does someone reach out to each of us, or do we all need to seek out a specific channel of communication?

Apologies if there’s already something in place and I just couldn’t find it.


Rochet.chat and reddit are definitely options for an Emergency.

I agree with you thought that perhaps it is a good idea to regularly backup this forum and possibly duplicate it, to reduce attack risks.

I think diversification of public forums would help mitigate this risk. Discord might be the best place since it is used by so many already. Rocket Chat not so much.

Also, isn’t our Rocket Chat still on makerdao.com?

In addition to risk of DoS attacks on Maker communications infrastructure, there is a separate risk of historical info being lost. We should be backing everything up to Arweave or similar imo.


Is it not possible to move the forum and essential sites to IPFS?


Who/where/how do we get the ball rolling to make it happen?

Not in a straightforward way. You can only host static content on the IPFS.

Before we decide what to do here, how do other projects in crypto handle this kind of threat where their websites are attacked?



I’m Dumitru, representing Maker Foundation TechOps team.

Wanted to share some details about Forum functionality.

  1. We are constantly monitoring Forum for downtime and have other monitoring in place that helps us identify issues with it and react almost instantly whenever something happens and technical implication is needed.
  2. Forum is part of our Security Bug Bounty Program, that gives an opportunity for Hackers to report critical security issues on multiple Foundation projects and services. On top of that we are always trying to keep Forum on the latest Discourse (platform behind the Forum) version and upgrade it whenever the new version comes out.
  3. Maker Foundation does have a status page (https://makerdao.statuspage.io) that shows status of different services and live information about their status. It is linked to our monitoring tools and most of the time display real-time data about system health. Forum is part of it as well. Whenever anything happens, there will be message displayed describing the problem and resolution timeline (if we know it).
  4. We perform daily forum backups and save them on an external service. That gives us an opportunity to restore all forum data with minimal losses.

Should the forum become unavailable for an extended period of time, we’ll provide the status of it being recovered on our regular communication channels - Rocket Chat (#general channel), Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

I hope that clarifies the technical side of the situation.

P.S. When the Foundation dissolves, there will probably be changes in the communication channels, their ownership and the information that each of them provide. There will be broader discussions with the Community about that.


Thanks! This is mostly what I was looking for. Definitely puts me a little more at ease. I’d hate to think a multi-billion dollar organization could get kneecapped by just messing up an online forum.

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