What is this new debt I am seeing in my vault?

Can anyone please tell me what is this new announce I am seeing on top of my vault ? My current debt is about 502 DAI, I just dont understand what is that announce about.

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Unfortunately the DUST parameters were changed to 2,000 DAI minimum for the protecting of the protocol. Check this out: [Signal Request] Increasing Dust Parameter

I’m sorry about that. Hopefully in the near future via innovation and improvements we will be able revert back. Stay focus.

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Thanks for your answer, but I need to know, Can I currently close my vault by paying my actual 501 DAI debt ?

Yes, you just can’t draw more DAI unless its more than 1498.74.


Thank you Sr I just thought my debt for withdrawing my collateral increased from 501 to 2000 DAI

Actually I am not sure you can pay your loan, you should contact oasis support.

I believe you need to first take a bigger load than pay the full amount as I understood.

That is going to be a pain for lot of users.

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Well, the announce on the vault says that for having full acces to functionalities yo can either:

1- Pay back the outstanding DAI deb amount (501.26 DAI in my case)


2- Generate DAI until reach the new minimum required (1498.74 DAI in my case)

And yes, I have writen to Oasis support for get sure of that.

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Ok cool, Perfect. My mistake so

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