What’s backing my Dai?: An interactive visualisation v2

Hi everyone!

I made some improvements to What’s backing my Dai? visualization.
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Although they are not many, I wanted to share the changes and tell you some ideas of what I’m thinking how to improve it and would really appreciate your feedback.

See it live at What’s backing my Dai? (web app)

Thanks for the support!
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ps: There is a slight deviation when comparing the metrics in http://mcdstate.info/. I’m looking into it :slight_smile: .

What’s next

I’ll include all the following development notes and futrue ones within the Notion page backeddai.makerdao.network.

Better website

  • Currently using streamlit and while easy it’s pretty limiting. I’m thinking of building it with Dash. The plots are already made with plotly so there won’t any need to adapt them.
  • Streamlit builds the visuals every time you refresh. With Dash and Heroku (hosting), we can have a database that refreshes periodically, so when someone loads the website they instantly see the newest information without needing to run the query.

Risk metric

Include a metric that considers the relative risk of each coin. Right now you can see the collateralization ratio, but I think it’s missing more context.Maybe the collaterization ration against liquidation ratio, the rolling volatility of the last 14 days.

Historical plot

Look how the weights between coins changes through time. For example, how the introduction of USDC PSM vault affects the UCDC-A vault. Something like the Age of Empires II timeline :crossed_swords:

Treemap/Heatmap plot

How do diffent vaults compare to each other?
Another way to appreciate comparable sizes between different vaults.


Out of feeling that an incitement to a game of AoE II. Sorry I am very fan Whololololololololo

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For some reason, seeing that there’s 25 cents of USDC backing every DAI really drives home how much is in the PSM more than any amount of scrolling on other visualization tools. Whoa.


Popped that into Maker relay this week. Nice work @tadeo !!